Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Your Appearance And Your Mood

A 1950s book which I'm currently reading has a following description of a lady who is in a state of shock because she suspects her husband is going to murder her (this is a Dutch version of an English book, so I'll have to paraphrase):

She looked as a woman who had lost interest in everything. She paid no attention to her hairstyle and her skin. Her clothes had been originally of good quality but appeared unkempt. There were hairs on the collar of her jacket and the hem of her skirt was saggy. Her stockings were twisted and her shoes not polished for at least a week. 

According to the author, the appearance of that unlucky female (who was, by the way, in her early fifties) was a clear reflection of her inner turmoil. I wonder what she would have thought about our modern society where polishing shoes is something which probably happens in most households once a year, provided people wear shoes at all and not sneakers.

No wonder depression and anxiety are at all times high!


  1. I wanted to comment something but you last sentence says it all!

  2. Your input is always valued, Miriam! I know you are interested in the subject.

  3. Sanne', very interesting.. In contrast, are the women for whom, appearance is their "everything." I do not refer to ladies who dress their best, and make time to do their hair, makeup, etc.
    There is becoming in society, a drive for heavier and heavier make up, tanned skin at all times, and the abhoration (to them) of the least wee wrinkle. There are botox parties, exreme teeth whitening, tattoos, and plastic surgery to areas of the body which are private, to say the least.
    But as with the unkempt woman above, behind all of the trappings of their efforts, I wonder what "inner turmoil" they endure. My personal belief is that they are looking to fill a large hole in their spirit that can be filled by Christ alone.


  4. Christine, all these things you mention are done to contribute to the "sexy" image which a modern woman is supposed to keep well into her old age.

    In contrast, before sexual revolution women were expected to look attractive, wholesome and decent, without going into extremes. So the attention was given to the neatness and quality of their clothes, not to the modifying of their private parts.

  5. The book you are reading sounds interesting. I was thinking that at the opposite of my post above, how the lady must have appeared to the general public whilst dressed in so unpolished a fashion, and how nowadays, grown women routinely appear in public in pajamas and slippers.
    My husband often visits homes in his professional capacity. He has told me that on many occasions, the ladies, even after having arranged the appointment, will come to the door appearing to have just got out of bed.
    Not only that, but their homes despite being in decent neighbourhoods, can be extremely messy and sometimes plain dirty. If there are children about, they are not playing quietly whilst the adults have a meeting, but continually interupting their parents, and usually, there is a television blaring in the background.
    Obviously, not all of his clients are this way, but he tells me that over the past ten years, well mannered children have become the exception rather than the rule.
    I apologise for my "rant", but cannot help but feel with the relaxation in standards of behaviour, dress, relationships, and proper manners, we are reaping the rewards and are altogether poorer as a result.

  6. Clothes traditionally showed the distinction of rank and situation, so for instance, young girls would wear short skirts and young boys short pants, as opposed to the clothes of grown up men and women. It's only logical that in the age of "equality" young and old of both sexes parade in overalls day in day out. Of course, sometimes these are designer overalls...

  7. Also check this, it has a great quote from a Pope:

  8. Housewife from FinlandApril 29, 2016 at 6:01 AM

    What would be today's "minimum selfcare", that is enough to prove one is respectable lady? :)

    A woman I have met in the dogpark made me wonder this. She is, dare I say it, alcoholic and she also abuses sedatives. And you can really tell it by her appearances. It is interesting, because most women dress rather messy in dogpark, wear no make-up etc. (usually women who wear make-up there are very trashy)The messy clothes are excused because the dogs run loose and can jump to people and it is very dusty or muddy places, depending if we have had rain or not.

    But with this alcoholic, I reckon the same clothes wouldn't necessarily be TOO messy on someone else. But somehow it is obvious, that she does not take care of herself, she has totally let go. Of course she has dark yellow teeth, no eybrows and most awful hair. Oh, and very often cracked nail polish in bit nails.

    So I would say that the very minimum for a lady is to have neat hair, clean (but not too white) teeth, tidy nails and existing eyebrows. What else? Clean clothes, appropriate to the situation?

  9. Housewife, yes, I think that's about sums it up.