Thursday, April 21, 2016

Summer Dresses

Lydia Sherman had a post some time ago featuring several dresses that the Duchess of Cambridge had worn during her visit to India. They were quite long and had long sleeves, too. Now it can be due to the local customs, but the "Bohemian" style and long dresses for summer have been a trend for quite some time.

However, these dresses usually had short sleeves, and now the sleeves appear to be getting longer, too.

Compare this

to this.

Of course, it's a somewhat different style, not mentioning the price and quality, but the idea behind it is the same: a long summer dress with long sleeves and a high (as far as modern fashions go) neckline. Is that a beginning of a new trend?

BTW, I'm not an affiliate of Bonprix and am in no way connected to them, but I bought stuff from them in the past. They offer lots and lots of relatively cheap dresses of reasonable quality, so if you are interested in switching to more feminine styles, you may want to check them.

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