Saturday, January 16, 2016

Modesty And Social Cohesion

Most articles about modesty are written from a religious point of view, with Bible quotes and such and try to persuade women to dress and behave modestly in order not to cause their Christian brothers to stumble and lust after them. Feminists have a field day with these arguments and triumphantly proclaim both that it proves without doubt that religion holds women down and that it's up to men to learn to control their behaviour.

It's certainly true that men should in any case  be able to exercise self-control, however, while it's entirely possible to learn men not to harass women it's next to impossible to teach them not to notice attractive women, especially if they are young and scantily dressed. It's a simple biological fact that men get excited when they are around attractive women. It has something to do with the whole sexual reproduction stuff.

Here I want to pause and point out, especially in the light of certain events in Germany and other European countries, that modesty doesn't mean walking around wearing a black tent or never ever venturing outside without a male chaperone. European countries have never practiced total segregation of sexes and our women have always been free to go around their business, participate in market activities and such, without fear of being abused in a broad daylight which can't be said about  some other cultures whose representatives run around causing all these problems.

However, the traditional modesty standards in Europe were much higher than what we are witnessing now and instead of talking how it harms men, I'd like to discuss how immodesty harms society as a whole by erasing social cohesion.

Simply put, Northern European culture promoted the cooperation within the tribe and competition without, which proved to be a very successful model. Nowadays, we are encouraged to be cooperative towards outsiders (pathological altruism), but extremely competitive with those of the same blood.

While easy divorce and turning a blind eye to infidelities encourages mate poaching, the general immodesty of the West makes every woman after a certain age feel inadequate compared to the beauty standard promoted by the society. Women have always competed with each other for male attention but the old standards of decency put some limits upon how far one could go.

Despite years of feminism, women still seek resources through men, which is true both for homemakers and working women. A high-earning husband is an asset which gives a career woman an option of quitting or going part-time should she choose so. And sexual attractiveness is hardly a disadvantage when it comes to hiring and promotions if you have to deal with men which is often a case in business world and politics.

Feminists always talk about sisterhood but in fact, have for years promoted behaviours which destroy the trust in society and make women viciously turn against each other at the slightest provocation (just look at all the hatred and contempt towards housewives). The results which we all see around us, prove that the rules in the Scriptures were not arbitrary. In fact, they are needed for a society to survive and strive. The same is, of course, true concerning divorce and adultery.

I wish all the aspie atheists ranting about how they hate religion while the society is disintegrating right in front of their eyes would finally put two and two together, before it is too late.


  1. The problems that happened in Germany made me think about remote times when men used to defend women by any means including their protective presence. In the post you decided to delete for its content I just wanted to express my deepest regret for the fact that feminism has stolen from us this right of being protected by a man. I don't consider women should always go out with somebody but in times of crisis and anarchy where are those tough men who are supposed to defend a helpless lady? A policeman etc. Christianity appeared in very tyrannic times and I constantly read about martyrs that lived in the middle of savage men hunting Christian women and children. in those times the men of the family were there trying to defend the mother, the sister or the daughters of the home by making sure they never walk alone in dangerous areas. Sonore or later the moment of public declaration of faith came and everybody suffered the consequences of believing in Christ. I never blame the victim of a rape because no man has the right to do something like that, no matter how attractive the victim. What concerns me is the vulnerability women are going through in a tolerance-based society where (in the name of democracy) men fail to defend women in such abusive circumstances. IF I were in Germany I'd prefer to be always in the presence of a group or family while shopping because this modern society doesn't make me feel safe any longer. I definitely prefer a man's protective presence if there are more men that women on the street. I hate walking by myself in crowded areas. I don't think modesty has to do with walking with husband only but safety has to do with preventing any miserable event.

  2. Alexandra, I warned beforehand I would delete the post.

    Police failed in that situation, and everybody was angry. Germany used to be quite safe before it became culturally enriched (we mostly stayed in small villages while being there but apparently it used to be true for big cities, too). Here we all know better than to venture into certain neighbourhoods or let our daughters wander alone at night. Germans will learn, too. Though I must add we went outside with Sylvester and it was more or less safe, but I wouldn't go without my husband.

  3. I know you warned about the post. no problem anyway. You are right about Germany. They are playing with fire and spreading that fire around other countries. The real vulnerable people are now the local population who has restricted rights in their own teritory.

  4. Housewife from FinlandJanuary 17, 2016 at 6:35 AM

    Very good post. Here in Finland some men have started to patrol on the streets in some towns, just to make things more safe with their pure presence -since you so rarely see policemen nowadays. You can imagine the whining and all the comparisions to Hitler's early patrols... Because obviously, if man wants to protect his fellow women, he MUST be Nazi.

    I do not know if modesty is a safety issue, but it definitely sets us free. This is an interesting article:

    BTW, I think I have never mentioned that I have Asperger's Syndrome. I assume you referred to that whit "aspie". Being a aspie does not mean that one is unable to see the at very least the "instrumental value" religion has to society. I used to be one of those "aspie atheists", but then one very wise finnish blogger wrote about that how important religion is to society. So I did some revaluations. But then again, I have always been very traditionalistic on many things. I want things to be done in a reasonable way, and usually the traditional way IS the most reasonable.

  5. Alexandra, very true about playing with fire.

    Housewife, yes, I've heard about these patrols. I like the name, too:)
    Isn't xojane a feminist site? Interesting that they talk positively about Orthodox Jewish modesty. I guess all Nordics are spergy to some point, due to high IQ and some other things, it has both positive and negative sides.

    1. But I specifically meant those nerdy types running around insulting people by telling them they believe in a flying spaghetti monster or saying after another terrorist attack that religion AS A WHOLE is a problem, because their parents made them attend Sunday school.

  6. I should say that yes, I agree that traditional European modesty standards were quite liberating. Longer, looser skirts/dresses are ideal for hiding "problem areas".

  7. Something like this is feminine, modest, comfortable and allows for the freedom of movement:

  8. Housewife from FinlandJanuary 17, 2016 at 9:39 AM

    Xojane is not really familiar to me, but it seems to be very modern page, I found that one article accidently when I was just googling something else. It seems to me that it was the only reasonable article on that website.

  9. Housewife from FinlandJanuary 17, 2016 at 9:44 AM

    BTW, I started reading the comments on that article and oh my how angry those ladies were to the poor writer. How does she DARE to feel better with herself when she is dressed in decent and classy way?

  10. Just as I thought and yet another example of the cattiness of the modern feminist.

  11. Housewife from FinlandJanuary 18, 2016 at 4:05 AM

    It seems like they feel it is a personal attack if somebody makes different life choises. Makes you wonder...

  12. Yeah, it gives tolerance the whole new meaning, doesn't it now?:)


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