Saturday, January 9, 2016

Lunch Ideas: American Waffles

Originally they were suggested for breakfast, but I prefer light breakfasts. The recipe is a modified version of the one in that wonderful cooking book I've written about, Recipes for Comfort by Gooseberry Patch.

You will need:

1c flour
2tsp baking powder
1tsp salt
2 eggs
200g creme fraiche

In a bowl, combine dry ingredients, add cream and eggs, mix together. Add enough milk to create the pancake consistency batter. Cook in waffle iron according to instructions. Makes 8:

Since there is absolutely no sugar added, you will need a sweetener. We used powder sugar and raspberry jam.

Let me tell you, these waffles are delicious!


  1. Nice recipe. I've just made some hot chocolate from real chocolate and cremefreche and I didn't know I could have done this before. I discovered some simple things quite late in my 20s but I don't mind. Cooking is something I want to learn lifelong. As an experiment, I made sachertorte last week and my husband asked me if it was store bought. This made me feel so encouraged because I learned the basics of cooking by making mistakes and feeling useless in the kitchen. That is why I started looking at videos in order to educate my eyes and steal some secrets from the very hands of the cook. Every recipe was something new to me especially refined baking or special dishes. I love staying in the kitchen now that things are under control and I start trusting my hands more or less.

  2. Sachertorte? I'm impressed! Where did you find the recipe? my husband ADORES it.

  3. Here you can find a recipe in German. (Sachertorte Rezept Schritt fuer Schritt)

  4. Thanks a lot, I understood everything except Marillenmarmelade, what sort of fruit is Marillen?

    This brings back sweet memories of the vacation in Vienna, but it's rather a rich cake, isn't it? If you eat it regularly, you won't fit into your clothes soon enough:) Love her mixer, I'm doing everything by hand...

  5. It's sort of apricot, isn't it? I thought it looked like apricot jam.

  6. Yes, Marillen are Aprikosen but in Austria. The woman's accent is Austrian too.

  7. Well, you're right about the sweets and the clothes. I like cooking and making others gain weight. :))) I am putting my husband on a difficult trial. I'll have to make him lose weight if I am going to try Linzertorte some day, won't I?

  8. I thought her accent was strange! My husband generally doesn't put on weight so it's myself I have to worry about:)

  9. Isn't it funny how men crave sweets?

  10. My husband has a sentimental boundage to homemade sweets because he has nice memories that his mother offered to the family. Each child had a birthday cake made by Mom and in times of crisis and poverty this was a huge effort. The feeling I get by making, baking or cooking for the childen especially, gives me a security I need as a mother and wife. As a mother I feel encouraged to make my children remember nice moments they will offer themselves further on, while as a wife, I am blessed to feel the testimony of a happily raised man that has become strong and self confident because a good mother made cakes, food and whatever needed with a great heart for her home although she often had to trim ingredients she couldn't buy. I know sweets are not so healthy but they make a nice atmosphere around. My brother enjoyes my homemade things too when he drops by and he just feels better the following days. He asked me to repair something I had knitted for him, although it wasn't something very important or modern. It had a sentimental value for him. As for sweets, I have no problems with desserts because I am on treatement and I cannot stand sugars anymore due to the pills I have to take. I resume to a narrow slice of cake or coffee with a biscuit. It's my heart that gets filled with joy whenever I do things for my family. Nevertheless, I am going to bake "Torten" only on special occasions.

  11. Yes, creating memories of a happy home is very important when you have kids. Modern health concerns about sweets are somewhat overblown. Isn't it strange how so many women nowadays are obsessed with only feeding children healthy foods but don't mind leaving them in day care the whole day since the age of 2+ mos?

    I'm sorry you are experiencing health problems, hope your treatment will work!

  12. Yes it works. I have been losing weight since I started and after important holidays I usually gain 1 kg but this is ok because I recuperate well. It is also true that healthy food is not enough in the absence of healthy emotions. Sweets at home create f eelings that fill up the heart and children don't take more than double servings. If they are constantly deprived of sweets or bread due to healthy eating obsessions they may develop eating habits that make them addicted as adults. Another idea about sweets is the stupid habit of buying store sweets for children just because the parents didn't spend the whole week with them and weekends seem to be the perfect occasions of buying anything they wish. Day care deprives children of the sentimental power they receive from food. Eating mother's warm soup is not the same as eating day care soup with several children guided by strangers. It is neither cool nor skill-developing for a future pupil. It makes childhood an even shorter period than it already is. Socializing abilities that are supposed to be so important in daycare is a bad argument. It is actually the parents'satisfaction that the child consumes the energy outside the home and the mother won't have to tidy up a messy house everyday. It's as simple as that.

  13. I always find it funny how they promote socializing for babies,'cause we all know that's what they really need:)


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