Monday, April 6, 2015

Your Ideal Weight

Well, at least according to a 1960 homemaking book I have. I don't know how they calculated it, but here it comes:

(click on the picture to enlarge)
Well, what do you think?

 P.S. Obviously, it's about women since it was the book for housewives:)


  1. Very interesting, to say the least :-)

  2. I would say that they give somewhat higher estimates for your ideal weight than it's popular now, as a woman who is 1.70 and weighs 65 kilo is by no means skinny:)

  3. Yes they did. I had a homemaking book from the 50's which stated that it's ok to gain 2-3 kg comparing to your 'bride weight', but 20-30 is not.

    Lady of What's wrong with equal rights had a link to an interesting article how figures have changed over the decades.

  4. I must have missed it, which one was it?


  6. Thankfully that is in metric. I am familiar with pounds and ounces. As you know, America has too many people who are obese. Fast food restaurants and eating prepared foods sure don't help. Sitting around a dinner table with fresh, good food would go a long ways to keeping the weight in check. Neither are we required to be skinny minnys. There is a good in between. Dutch people are more active - especially with riding bikes.

  7. Miriam, thanks, I look at it when I have time.
    Marietta, unfortunately, among the Dutch about 50% of both men and women are overweight. Now, French people are still quite thin, they have only 10% of people who are overweight/obese. It definitely has to do with feminism (some women in the church, no less, literally told me that cooking was oppressive) and with sedentary life style. Starts with children who spend their whole free time in front of the TV/computer/playstation, instead of playing outside.

  8. Miriam, I checked the DM link. Not to offend any British folks who may be reading this, but I read somewhere that their problems with obesity are worse than in the USA:) It may be that the extreme skinniness promoted as the fashionable ideal now is the reaction to so many people (women) being overweight.


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