Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A New Project

I have decided to start on a new blog project. As you probably know, I collect all sorts of vintage stuff, including old magazines. Recently I acquired a yearly edition of an illustrated Dutch magazine called The Prince from 1908-1909. As I understand, it appeared once a week and published stories by such popular authors of the period as Arthur Conan Doyle and Anthony Hope, photos of famous personalities, some historical information etc etc.

I thought it offers an interesting sketch of the way  people in Europe lived a hundred years ago, things that occupied their attention etc. Another yearly edition in my collection is called The Catholic Illustration, from 1935. It has a lot of religious stuff, but also fiction, info about housekeeping and stories about life in different countries.

My plan is to regularly feature a review of one of the yearly issues of these two magazines, starting this week, plus I'm planning to write more about vintage housekeeping as described in my Encyclopedia For the Housewife. Stay tuned!