Thursday, January 15, 2015

Don't Fall In Love With A Railroad Man

Just felt like posting it today.


  1. Ah, the band who wrote 'Venus'! I didn't know anything else of theirs, until now, this, first time hearing it. Good stuff! :)

  2. They were Dutch, from the Hague!

  3. Indeed, and other than 'Venus', I've never heard anything else of theirs on the radio here, despite their singing in English, and despite other English-singing Dutch bands like Golden Earring having some hits on our radio.

    This is something I love about the Internet era: discovering new to me stuff that's been around for some time, like that New Year's skit you shared, popular in Europe but unknown in English-speaking countries, despite being in English. ("Same as last year?" "Same as every year!") :)


    This one was quite famous, too. Nirvana made a cover of it in the 1990s. I prefer the original version, though.


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