Monday, December 29, 2014

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

By today it was all gone though...


  1. Nothing like a beautiful snowfall! Wish we had some here. The pictures are beautiful. A few years ago I was walking on the outskirts of Hoogland and it looked like this.

  2. I thought Canadians always have a lot of snow in the winter:)

    1. Last winter we did. This year only 2 snowfalls. I was in Holland when they had a snowfall (very little) and I loved what people were saying, "Wij hebben toch en bak sneeuw!" I just laughed at them.

  3. What kind of animal is that? Sorry, it is nothing like anything I've ever seen where I live.

  4. It's an Irish cow. They are allowed to roam freely in one part of a city park. Last Sunday they were feeling naughty and attacked two ladies:)

  5. Yeah, we don't have any snow in this part of Canada, either; it's very odd. Other parts do, but not here; it's been a strange winter, so far...

    You call that breed of cattle Irish? Interesting; we know them as Highland cattle (i.e. Scotland). :)


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