Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Is Finally Here!

It looks, feels and smells like summer! And we are having a vacation, sort of. Originally we had decided to stay home this year to save money, but we must have a bit of gipsy blood in our veins, so we are planning to go away for a couple of days next week.

So far I have been celebrating my vacation by being incredibly lazy, hence the lack of the blog posts:) However, I was asked to write a couple of articles about the empty-nesters and the importance of beauty in the home, which I hope to do tomorrow, so please stay tuned:)

The cat is finally doing fine so he is outside night and day, all the doors are open to get more fresh air, and I'm off to buy some ice cream. Magnum has a new sort, white chocolate+strawberry taste, and I love it! Sometimes it makes sense to have a vacation at home...

He's having a vacation, too!:)

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