Sunday, July 20, 2014

It's Everybody's Fault

If you are in the habit of reading "alternative" blogs, you'll notice there is a lot of blame going around for the modern state of the society and various problems connected with liberalism. All sorts of conspiracy theories are being put forward. It must be illuminati, masons, women, certain ethnic groups, progressives, capitalists, Wall Street, bankers and whatever else comes into your mind.

Some of these accusations, such as the problems with the modern debt-fueled banking system are at least, partly true, but it doesn't change one simple fact: in a modern liberal democratic society it's basically everybody's fault. People complain all the time of the propaganda of bad values by the TV and filmmakers and after they have posted their rant on the net, they switch on their TV set and continue watching.

 In the times past, men were often ready to die for what they believed in (think of the first Christians). A modern liberal Westerner is so morally weak that he lacks the will power to forgo some insignificant entertainment. He will complain of feminised/anti Christian Hollywood movies but will keep watching them. By now it must be evident to anyone that the majority of MSM don't promote healthy values and yet the same people who complain about it, keep consuming their product. It's not like anybody is putting the gun to their heads and forcing them to watch the TV, either.

And it's the same story with many other things. Here in the West, we are accustomed to live above certain level, and our poor are rich by the standards of the rest of the world. Unfortunately, this fact doesn't create gratitude in many, but rather entitlement. We all feel we have a right to a certain level of material comfort and some go even further, expecting a perfect life. A perfect marriage, healthy children who come exactly when planned and living till 95 without ever being sick even for one day.

We take for granted that nearly all our children live till adulthood, that we have free education and relatively cheap healthcare, that the government is ready to send a social worker when we need him, but we forget that there is a price on everything and that actions have consequences. We are so removed from the real life that we forget that someone always has to foot the bill.

And in the end, while complaining of the drawbacks of liberalism, we all end profiting from it in one form or other. For instance, certain men keep complaining about the modern welfare system which subsidizes divorce and single motherhood, and they are right, to a degree, but there is one thing they keep forgetting (and again, it's very typical for modern individualistic liberal society). There is no such thing as abstract "women". Those women are part of extended families. If the government stops supporting them, their family members will have to do it, as most people wouldn't want to see their daughter/sister and her kids starve.

Jane Austen and her sister, both old maids who lived in the times of the patriarchy, ended up being supported by their married brothers, who had to divert resources from their own wives and children. Now just ask yourself a question, how would you like it if your husband's divorced sister and her four kids came to live with you? Or even his unmarried childless sister? You see, it's all very simple, we all profit from liberalism and government handouts, in one form or another.

I'm not writing this post to defend modern welfare state, which seems to be rather close to collapse, I'm just trying to point out a simple fact: as a society we, all of us, collectively have become accustomed to an easy life in which "all men are paid for existence and no man has to pay for his sins" and in a certain sense, everything what happens is everybody's fault.

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