Friday, April 4, 2014

From The Home Front

I should probably be writing about spring cleaning right now, but the truth is that I haven't done any as of yet:) I've been feeling sick the whole week with something which looks like spring fever but could very well be flu and have difficulty with walking the stairs! (we have 3 staircases in our house:) I feel like a 60+ person.

The weather has been really strange this year. We had basically no winter and then we sprang right into summer, with the temperatures above +20*C, so that I had to take out my summer clothes, and then the temperature dropped back to +12*C.

I have nearly finished my craft project (bunnies and chickens for the Easter tree), I'll try to post the pictures tomorrow. Also, despite all my resolutions to never do it again, I bought not one but two sewing magazines and hope to start working at a new project next week. There was also a new issue of Delicious with Easter recipes in the supermarket today and I just couldn't walk past it without buying:)

It's amazing how expensive all these magazines are, considering that you can buy a dress for the same amount of money at a Goodwill store, and it will be a brand and in a good condition. My friend and I have been patronising it lately and found some nice clothes there recently, as good as new:)

Our cat Frodo has been injured pretty badly in a fight, and got an abscess in his ear. I tried to treat it with betadine, but rather unsuccessfully so we had  to take him to the vet in the end, who right away started to try to persuade me to neuter Frodo, which I refused to do. It only cost me 66 euros this time, which is a huge amount of money, of course, but I had expected to pay at least twice as much!

Well, thank Heaven for antibiotics, the cat got better and even managed to fight again and to come back with the scratches in that very ear, but luckily they healed. The ear looks pretty mangled though, and the fur which they had shaved at the vet's still hasn't grown back fully, so he looks rather ridiculous, but doesn't seem to care and spends most of his time outside.

My Granny turned 90 two days ago, we gave her a photo album as the birthday present and she was very happy with it. I got my birthday present beforehand, being more of a "diamonds are the girl's best friends" type of person, I always asked for gold and jewels, but this year I wanted to have an e-reader. My husband promptly downloaded 50.000 free books from Project Gutenberg which I don't know what to do about now.

That's about all for today, I really hope I'll feel better tomorrow and write about something more sophisticated, or post some nice pictures of our terrace which we renovated this year. Greetings from the not-so-sunny at the moment Netherlands!


  1. I hope you and Frodo are both feeling better soon.

  2. Thanks! I really hate being sick, as I always have a million things to do:)

  3. I'm sad to hear about your health problems. We have weather changes too, it's very windy and during wind attacks we can't work outside, because every tool that isn't made of iron starts flying in the yard. Wind makes temperatures feel even colder than they are and the earth is getting hard and dry. We hardly had any snow this winter and we desperately need rain. I read something about the world before World War I yesterday, about a world that we never met, a real world of order and good rules. It may be true because old people used to say that crops were rich and full in the past, but now, we need to struggle to plant and harvest in the garden. It seems like God has taken back much of His benevolence from nature. Because we live according to a new world order that goes against our nature. Take care and get well soon!

  4. Alexandra, that's very interesting! I've never thought about it this way. Thanks for your best wishes, I'm OK sort of, just get a dizziness spell now and then. Hope I'll get over it in a couple of days:)

  5. BTW, we also have a lot of wind, but it has been sunny today, and not really cold. I hope it stays this way!