Thursday, March 6, 2014

Viking Women Were Respected For Being Housewives And Mothers

The popular culture and mass entertainment industry constantly distort history to promote feminism. It has been the case with Viking women as well. They were supposedly warriors running around half-naked brandishing swords and axes and kicking *ss. Movie after movie promotes the fantasy of a female warrior which some men find attractive by reasons beyond my comprehension.

As usual, the reality is very different from feminist propaganda. It's true that Nordic men respected their womenfolk and that women enjoyed more freedom than women in say, some Southern countries, but Viking ladies  were respected for being housewives and mothers. They were actually prohibited from wearing men's clothes, cutting their hair short and carrying weapons! And yet they were held in high esteem by their men.

Vikings had laws against sexual harassment and it was considered extremely shameful to hit a woman. In certain cases, the wife could divorce her husband. Their women weren't slaves just because they stayed home and engaged in housekeeping and child-rearing. Vice versa, men valued their contributions. Because women normally didn't wield weapons they were considered non-combatants and in the case of an attack on a household allowed to leave.

Mothers were held in even higher regard and men would often consider women equal to them in wisdom, and yet they didn't expect them to plough the field or to go to war. The problem with modern feminism is that feminists deny the biological reality of sexual dimorphism in human beings. Another problem is that as they subscribe to progressive ideology they see the relationship between the sexes as a zero sum game. I know it's an oversimplification, but basically, progressives tend to think that if someone is rich it's because he stole from the poor.

They view men and women in the same manner. If a company CEO is a man, they argue, it's because he cheated a woman out of it through his male privilege. If there were no prominent women scientists, it's because patriarchy kept them all chained to the kitchen sink, and so on and so forth. It never comes to their minds that the reason could be that women are simply uninterested in positions of power, or prefer to marry a powerful man instead. On the other hand, feminists will denigrate traditional female contributions to the well-being of their families and call housewives doormats and Stepford wives.

Vikings were much wiser about it. They didn't deny human nature. They appreciated women for being women, and didn't expect them to have the same occupations and interests as themselves.

The history once again refutes the media lies about the traditional female role. For more info on the Viking women, check this.


  1. I didn't know that, thanks for sharing!

  2. You are welcome! I had to read the Saga of Njall mentioned in the article I linked to for my uni classes and it never mentioned women going to war, they just stayed home and looked pretty, but don't tell it to a feminist:)