Saturday, March 29, 2014

God Gave You The Right

Probably the most popular article on my blog is this one:

The Advantages Of Being A Housewife

I posted it last year and it still gets a lot of hits from all over the world, including Asian and African countries. Apparently there are many women who consider becoming a housewife, and yet this is one female occupation which you practically never hear promoted by the MSM, government officials or schools, and even many people who call themselves "conservatives" or even "antifeminists" fully expect most women to work outside home.

Just to prove my point, another Google search which brings people on my blog is are housewives lazy or lazy housewives. Housewives are unfairly vilified, and women are often discouraged from becoming one, sometimes by their own family, or even worse, their  husbands. In reality, it hardly matters whether housewives are lazy or not (some probably are, while some others aren't). It doesn't matter what they say on the TV or whether your girlfriends support your choice.

You have the right to become a housewife, because God gave you this right. It's right there, in the New Testament, Titus 2 verse 5: keepers at home. You don't have to ask the permission from the government. God gave you the permission to stay home and keep the home fires burning. Your marriage gave you this right, as the wife is entitled to her husband's financial support.

In practice, there are few husbands who will insist that their wives work outside home, if there is not a dire financial need. It's more often other family members who will give you a hard time for choosing to become a full time homemaker. In this situation you should be polite but firm and ask them to respect your choice just as you respect theirs.

It also helps to avoid modern mass media, including certain internet sites and blogs which specialise in attacking housewives. There is hardly any point in arguing with those who are so prejudiced, and their opinion isn't really important. It doesn't matter what they say, or what some Christians say or do, it's only what the Bible says that matters.

Remember, God gave you the right to stay home and it can't be taken away from you.


  1. I've got criticism from family and friends over the years, but it doesn't stop me and my husband to live like this!

  2. Yes, it's more often than not your family which gives you the hard time, isn't it?