Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer Sewing And Other Things

I finally bought fabric for a new skirt. We have had such cold weather so far that I wasn't really in the mood for summer sewing. Now it's getting warmer and since it's already mid-July I really have to hurry up if I still want to wear it this season. The skirt is supposed to look like this:

I hoped to begin working at the skirt this week, but wasn't able to find time. I have been incredibly busy and tomorrow we are going on vacation.

I still have a lot to do at home so I'll keep it rather short. Comments will be temporarily set to moderation. I'll try to update if I have an internet access, so stay tuned!

We will be back in about 2.5 weeks. See you later!


  1. Have a nice vacation!

  2. Have a nice vacation!
    Are you going to bring home any new magazines? :-)

  3. Thanks! I did buy a couple of new ones:)


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