Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Crafty Tuesday

After the heat wave of the last two weeks we've got some colder weather, the temperature dropped to about +21*C and it's raining again. Good weather to wear my tunic.

So here is the proof that I didn't spend the whole of my vacation lounging around:

I gave it the last finishing touches today and bought a dress to wear with it. It was on sale and only cost me 7.50! The dress looks cute on its own, too, and is exactly in the style I like, so it was a deal. I still haven't had time to sort the vacation pictures, and this evening we won't be at home, but I'll try to post them tomorrow.

Now my next objective is to finally sew this skirt I have been planning to make all summer:) Well, maybe tomorrow, inbetween shopping, cleaning the house and ironing I'll find some time for it...

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