Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dreaming Of A Vacation

We were planning to go on vacation in March when our central heating system broke down and we had to install a new boiler. That brought an abrupt end to our dreams, as you can well understand:) It makes me doubly nostalgic for last year when around this time we spent a heavenly week in Vienna and Budapest.

 The weather was beautiful so that not only we didn't once have rain, but it was warm like in summer, too! At least during the day. This year the winter seems to be staying forever, just this morning it snowed again, and I have been down with a flu of some sort. So to cheer myself up I decided to browse the photos from last year and to share some of them with you. First Vienna:

This is a hotel room we stayed in:

The hotel was called Biedermayer, it's a 4 star hotel and I can recommend it to anyone. The service was great, the breakfast buffet offered a lot of choice, and it was situated at a walking distance from the centre of the city.
 Here is a picture of the hotel itself:

It looks romantic, doesn't it? Below is a monument to the Emperor Franz Joseph:

Carriages are waiting to take you sightseeing (they are quite expensive so we just walked everywhere):

Me in the park of Schoebrunn:

Visiting the library of Hapsburgs:

Inside the Opera:

The graves of the Emperor Franz Joseph, his wife Elisabeth and their son:

And of Max of Mexico:

As you see, people have not forgotten them. I was especially touched to see the children's drawings on the grave of Sissi. They drew horses for her because they know how she loved horse riding.

The teahouse of Schoebrunn, where you can eat various delicious cakes:

The flower clock in the park:

The church built to celebrate the victory at the gates of Vienna:

The Parliament building:

And just some cars in the street:


I'll post the pictures from Budapest next time.


  1. I hope we can go there once again! It was the best vacation I ever had...