Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Constitution Isn't Going To Save You

 Enrique Tarrio gets 22 years in prison

Here is a good article from BlazeMedia:

 If you want a good laugh, you can enter the phrase “sovereign citizens” into your favorite video search engine and find endless hours of delusional people being arrested by the police. Sovereign citizens are a loose collection of individuals who believe they can evade the authority of the police by claiming exemption from the legal code. 

There is no central text explaining the sovereign citizen ideology, but one branch holds that America's first governing document, the Articles of Confederation, was never legally dissolved, meaning that those who claim “sovereign citizenship” are not subject to the law as currently enforced under the Constitution. Though it has never stopped a single arrest, devotees of this doctrine will confidently state their case as they resist detainment, treating the legal assertion as magic spell meant to halt a police officer in his tracks. While delusional people attempting to argue their way out of an arrest can create a hilarious spectacle, the phenomenon can also teach an important lesson about placing one’s faith in a document that no longer has the authority to restrict power...

The current American conservative has an uncomfortable amount in common with the sovereign citizen crowd. The conservative remembers and cherishes the freedoms that were enshrined in the original constitution and believes that their presence in that founding text should defend those rights in perpetuity. Unfortunately, those rights were not vigorously defended by previous generations, and the document that was supposed to protect them has been subordinated to a new order with its own priorities. Conservatives will impotently recite sections of the Bill of Rights to government officials who care about nothing but the power to advance their own agenda...

 If those on the right want to see the freedoms returned, they will need to fight for every inch. Not just in the sphere of law and politics, but in every aspect of culture, religion, and education... 


  1. Vox Day thinks America will break up by 2030. It could be sooner. I certainly have no love for the libtards in my state or others. No reasoning with this human filth, And RINOs consistently facilitate them. I realized a couple decades ago when younger that there is no voting our way out of this stuff.

    The bigger issue is that few value the Bill of Rights and happily vote for more slavery. Christians are worthless and love voting for Barabbas over Jesus when given the chance.

  2. It all went to H8ll rather quickly, didn't it? Agree about (most) Christians. You know, it's a complex question but we are experiencing a heat wave right now and I don't feel like effort posting:) I'll try to write more about it all next week.