Thursday, January 27, 2022

The Gift Which Keeps On Giving

 Have you ever asked yourself what the heck is wrong with Western women? They often have multiple s8x partners but seem unable to attach to anyone, they divorce their husbands on a whim, their lack of maternal instinct is pretty spectacular and is only rivaled by their love for liberal causes such as infinity diversity combined with hatred of her own people. In terms of the survival of the fittest they are right below on the list right now. 

You can't attribute it all to indoctrination, there are sound biological reasons behind this abnormal and I should say, suicidal behaviour. Now what could it be? What could have changed normal femal behaviour so much but only, it appears, in western countries? It's this wonder of modern pharmacy, the anti-conception pill:

It was meant to revolutionise life in the bedroom – but taking the Pill switches off the look of love.

A new study shows that women who choose the daily contraceptive see their men in a less flattering light.

 Do you know who they start valuing more? Other women, aka the female "herd":

 It adds: ‘To some extent [the Pill] mimics hormone profiles during pregnancy, [so] oxytocin may increase the reward value of a female friend as a potential source of social support.’...

The study says: ‘[It appears that] oxytocin interacts with the brain reward system to reinforce partner value representations in both sexes, a mechanism which may significantly contribute to stable pair-bonding in humans and appears to be altered in women using hormonal contraceptives.’

Psychosexual therapist Pauline Brown said the research presents women with a dilemma.

She said: ‘There’s no doubt that the Pill lowers the libido in many women and this explains why.

It’s a paradox that contraception can be seen by some couples as a way to help their relationship and yet it may end up having the opposite effect.

 In short, the Pill interferes with normal oxytocin production which impairs pair-bonding. But wait, there is more. Oxytocin is also important for in-group bonding, as it promotes human ethnocentrism. Westerners currently have probably the lowest level of it which is the price we as a society pay for our love of convenience (many men don't want to be "burdened" with children just as much or even more than women), something the Catholic Church warned about in Humana Vitae (I think, could be another document).

Amazingly, we are taught that ethnocentrism is bad, and yet it also
facilitates within-group trust, cooperation, and coordination and is necessary for any group to survive and keep its identity. 

By putting another 15 year old girl on the Pill to "regulate her cycle" (I just wonder how did all these countless female ancestors we had regulate theirs before the 1960) the doctor creates another foot soldier for a New World Order. That's why all these secular right wing groups ranting against mass immigration won't achieve much unless they address the elephant in room: the so-called s8xual revolution leads to extinction. Which is correct, because we know that the wages of sin is death.

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