Saturday, October 2, 2021

Erasing Women

 Flu And Pregnancy:

Influenza (flu) is more likely to cause severe illness in pregnant people than in people of reproductive age who are not pregnant...

 Flu also may be harmful for a pregnant person’s developing baby...

...the pregnant parent passes antibodies on to the developing baby during pregnancy...

Seriously, WTF??? Is this an example of "science" which we hear so much about? Like biology and reproduction of mammals, that sort of thing?

Note the source of it, and then they are surprised that people aren't taking them seriously on other topics. 

It's just a step above bodies with v8gines, I guess (which could be a female dog or cat, btw, since they also have it), because it at least acknowledges personhood.

I have a message for these "medical professionals", how about you all f888 off and leave WOMEN alone, you disgusting freaks???

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