Friday, July 30, 2021

Land Of The Free?

Which way now, 

my American friends? 

When is enough enough???


  1. The leftists/Marxists just want power. There is no science to support either masking or the so called vaccine. When the majority of the citizens refuse to follow the stupidity then we can take back our country. They can't put us all in jail, and if enough federal workers refuse then maybe the elected officials (I refuse to call them leaders) will be able to see how bloated the bureaucracy is and we can get on with life without so much interference. The fear mongers at the main stream propaganda outlets need to be sued out of existence for all the lies they have told over the past five years. But that's just my two cents.

  2. Since we usually get our marching orders from Washington and Berlin, I fear for my country...That's why I wish you guys all the luck!

  3. Freedom appears to have tiptoed out of the building while we were being distracted by nonsense.

    Some are trying to coax it back, but the unholy alliance between big business, big tech, and leftists political operatives has created a formidable foe.

    1. Post Alley CrackpotAugust 1, 2021 at 6:19 PM

      "... leftists political operatives ..."

      Actually, no.

      You have Democratic Socialist operatives (the Democrats) and Libertarian Socialist operatives (the Republicans) who form the vocal majority of "political economy", along with a few Free-Market Socialist operatives (the Libertarians) who are like Star Wars Rebels thinking they can change the Empire from within by taking as read the conditions of engagement.

      What passes for "political economy" is little more than the alignment on a Left-Right axis of Marxist dialectic and Socialist rhetoric.

      Everyone else outside of the conventional Marxist expression of politics, including those who are actively "anti-political", takes refuge toward the silent majorities in the manner of Baudrillard.

      Blaming the present state of affairs on one part of that "continuum" lets the other part escape without being recognised as also part of the dysfunction.

      As for any "unholy alliance", it's the one in which the Libertarian Socialists play at words so they don't come in conflict with their ideal model, which is one in which they provide the push-back against Democratic Socialist ideas that "go too far", a position that serves as their primary reason to continue to exist.

      This is not merely conjecture for the sake of argument: take the positions of such people as William F. Buckley, Charlie Kirk, and so on, then distil them to their essence, and you automatically get the bowtie-straightening habits of such "conservative pundits" as George Will.

      And so the Republicans as Libertarian Socialists inevitably support ideas that "go too far" anyway.

      When you understand that the Republicans enable the Democrats, that the Right enables the Left, you can escape what Paul Virilio called "politics of the very worst".

      I see a future with agorism as long as it has workable answers toward being co-opted and being bullied by coercive emergent forms of The State.

      As for democracy? It's a system of granting a plebiscite for masses to ratify the decisions already made by an oligarchy by means of being propagandised, and so they come to believe they own the oligarchy's decisions.

      That resistance you may feel toward that fundamental truth shows the effectiveness of the propaganda.

  4. I think an important thing to understand is that we are all in it together, and should show solidarity with each other.

    Because if you can't choose in this matter, what other medical treatments they can mandate?

  5. Post Alley CrackpotAugust 1, 2021 at 5:59 PM

    "... we are all in it together ..."

    I was told that it would take fourteen days to break the cycle of the Collectivist rhetoric. :-)

  6. @ Post Alley Crackpot:

    You seem to have interpreted my use of the words "leftist political operatives" as a stand-in for Democrats.

    I do not -at all!- labor under the delusion that Republicans are somehow more conservative in their political philosophy. I see them often as much a part of our current problem as Democrats.

    The few who seem to have any semblance on the meaning of liberty tend to lean libertarian, and I'm not a fan of that political philosophy either.

    We seem to be in a hostage situation by the powers that be and a populace increasingly insistent that they be guaranteed a life free of risk, illness or disease. And that, with little to know effort, discipline, or restraint on their own parts.

    I don't know who it was that said it but it's true. A society that gives up liberty for security will have neither. Which is where we seem to be headed.

    One dilemma in the U.S. Sanne, is the nature of our governmental structure. So you have some governors, albeit a dwindling few, who are freedom minded and attempting to keep their particular states from reverting to Spring 2020 protocols. Unfortunately, the country and world seems to be most heavily influenced by what comes out of D.C., New York, etc.

    Those of us in the deplorable southeastern United States are fighting an uphill battle to retain some level of personal liberty.

    Just thought I would set that record straight.

  7. At this point it's probably not so much Left vs Right any more, but rather people against "globalists".

    As for democracy, may be the Athenian style direct democracy would work better, but then, they prohibited women, foreigners and underclass from voting, which I don't see happening any time soon. And still, they fell...

  8. Elspeth, is there any future for freedom-loving states inside the union?

  9. Sanne, my prognosis is pretty dark.

    What I suspect will happen is that places like Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, etc will fight the good fight until the feds make it untenable to continue.

    This is especially true because the only "red" states big and influential enough to make a difference (Florida and Texas) are also being innundated with transplants from "blue" states, who love the freedom and lower taxes of our states but somehow don't have the cognitive ability to recognize that these exist in our states because we vote the opposite of how they did in CA, NY, IL, etc.
    So before too long, the only red states left will be the smaller, less influential ones.

    History has shown us that the federal government looks very poorly on rebellious states, but we'll see.

  10. The real question probably is, will they have enough guts this time to enforce their rules? What if some state just says, "no"?

    I do hope it will never come to another war...