Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Lockdown N2

 As of today we are officially in a new lockdown. Schools are closed till mid-January. All "non-essential" stores are closed, too, something they didn't even do the first time; the dentist is open, though, which was not the case then. 

We had to follow the great leader Germany, of course, but at least Mother Merkel gave her subjects an extra day for their Christmas shopping. Here most stores got closed at midnight Monday on Tuesday. My husband still managed to get a haircut, otherwise I would have had to do it. Actually I have been doing it since March but the results were never entirely to my satisfaction, lol!

He also managed to get us a Christmas tree ( a big department store was giving them away for free) and visit his shooting range, and I bought Christmas cards and some kitchen stuff. There was a lot of uncertainty yesterday. Flower and plant stores were allowed to sell their produce outside, so many did just that. Christmas trees apparently fall under the same category so maybe, they'll start seling them again, but we saved 22 euroes:)

Some stores which carry a broad range of products just covered half of their stuff. Action was closed yesterday, but opened today. Nearby supermarket ran out of toilet paper (yes, this idiotic behaviour started again and canned tomatoes were also rather scarce), so they right away announced sale on it. (Action is a German chain store which sells everything from cookies and aspirin to paint and antifreeze. Antifreeze was deemed essential, paint not).

Just got an email from a Do-It-Yourself store saying they are also busy making themselves essential:) I guess lockdown lovers of which we have many are fainting right now. For them it's never strict enough. Also local heathens were collectively frothing at their mouths because churches (and mosques) were allowed to stay open. 

Some did close on their own, though, haven't heard anything from ours yet. There was a lively discussion on the topic. Someone said, why does it matter to you, you don't go there, and you won't get sick and the other answered that these church women all work in nursing homes and will infect his Grandma whom he loves dearly.

That's not often that I would say it, but seriously, to anyone who thinks like this, F**k you! A church woman isn't obliged to take care of your family, if you love them so much, f***ing take them home and change their diapers yourself. Most of Southern and Eastern Europe don't even have nursing homes and yes, their women would quit working and lose the income to take care of their loved ones. Heard it first hand from my Southern Euro neighbour. (End of the rant).

Enfin, at least we are still allowed to leave our house whenever we want unlike those poor Frenchies:) And hotels are open, too, though restaurants will stay closed. Ah, there is always a Chinese takeaway, I guess...

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