Friday, October 9, 2020

Comments Moderation

 I just now finally got to managing old comments. All comments on posts older than 2 weeks (I think) automatically go into moderation and I often forget to check them. Apologies to those of my readers whose comments got stuck in blogger limbo! I am incredibly busy right now, we started emptying my parents'-in-law house, I had dentist's appointments and some social stuff going on and now I'm getting someone to stay with us next week, too (at least, if nobody is quarantined, lol). 

I'll try to write a normal post this weekend, or at least, Monday, stay tuned!


  1. We're working toward buying a house here ...

    On the positive side, we're no longer less than a kilometre from the scene of riots.

    On the negative side, having to hit storage for some of the 99% of stuff we can't have where we're staying pretty much sucks, especially since we packed it up so quickly that all the boxes have on them is a room tag.

    As for quarantine, there is no quarantine in Florida!

    Maybe we'll get back to that "January 2019" standard yet. :-)

  2. You have my sympathies! Moving house is a lot of work. I'm glad that minimalism is fashionable nowadays, and I'd recommend to everyone to declutter your house regularly:)

    As for quarantine, we aren't officially in any sort of lockdown YET, but if you come in contact with someone who tested positive you are supposed to stay in quarantine up to 10 days, which sort of interferes with your social life.

    We live in the epicentre of it all, and so far several people in my social circle had to isolate themselves, including my housekeeper, exactly when I needed her most:)