Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Corona Saga Continues

 So we are currently in a semi-lockdown, starting 6 p.m. tonight, due to the number of infections and rising hospital/IC cases. Bars and restaurants have to close at 10 p.m., takeaways aren't allowed to sell alcohol after 10 p.m., sport events will go on without public etc etc, you all know it by now. Places of public worship (i.e. churches/mosques) are excluded which caused a lot of bitterness  for some, especially in combination with closed pubs, which kinda shows where the priorities of certain persons lie.

There is a lot of uncertainty about wearing masks. It's not mandatory still, but the store owners can deny you entrance if you don't wear one, but only in big cities, but also in the (parts) of the nearby regions, but also in all public places? Personally I can't imagine that a big supermarket won't let you in without a mask, because virtually no one wears them where I live. I guess I'll find out tomorrow!

The discussion is still going on, 1/3 of the population think corona is a conspiracy, 1/3 would rather prefer we were all locked up inside and not allowed to leave, 1/3 follows the required minimum of rules and is content with that. I guess I'm in the 3rd group.

So here are my thoughts on the issue: I do think corona really exists and the cases are rising, though some tests are probably false positives. We also know by now that though it can be dangerous,  the overwhelming majority of the victims are very old and infirm. Does it justify the restrictions? I can't say but I do hope the second lockdown will be avoided.

How are things in your neck of woods?  



  1. Almost every business here requires masks to enter, so it doesn't really matter about the individual mask mandates or lack thereof at the local level. There is no national mask mandate in the U.S.

    Personally, our lives are pretty much going on as normal. Depending on who you ask, however, living in Florida means you're just a hair's breadth from a body bag, LOL:

  2. Elspeth, interesting, thanks for the link! I raise you (nearly) 3000 infections in one day (Sunday:), but of course, it's for the whole country.

    Well, I had to go to the local supermarket this evening to return something, the guard by the door was wearing a mask, nobody else did. (last months they didn't have any security by the entrance at all). We then visited a Chinese takeaway, no masks required. I guess in our town it's voluntary as of now:)

  3. Well we have 22 million people here in Florida, which is comparable population to many small countries. And I have an issue with the refusal to distinguish "positive tests" from actual occurrence of the disease itself. I think they need to be distinguished.

  4. We have 18 million so the situation is even worse. About the tests, again, it's rather vague. On the one hand, you aren't supposed to get tested without symptoms or with very mild symptoms, but some employers demand a test before they let you work or stay home. It's further complicated because the official guidelines suggest that you should test even when you just have mild sniffles while, on the other hand, I heard they will refuse the test if there is no fever. In the end, it's up to you, apparently, but some people are neurotic and want to be tested every week "to be sure".

  5. Here is a fount of information, especially on statistics and the manipulation of them...

  6. Elspeth: "... living in Florida means you're just a hair's breadth from a body bag ..."

    I have no idea who these tourists are who visit Florida and believe that this is not always potentially the case, but I highly recommend very loud repeated playings of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Gimme Three Steps", "Gimme Back My Bullets", and "Saturday Night Special" until they finally understand. :-)

  7. Yeah, I've heard all this stuff about tests, so I'm not that worried about all the supposed new cases, but the numbers of hospital/IC admissions are rising, too, and we have a restricted care capacity, so I guess this is the real problem the are worried about.

  8. I live in the county near St. Louis, Missouri. Pretty many people have the virus in our area. Schools near our home are closed. Grocery stores require masks to enter, which at our virus levels I consider a good thing, but even though the people wear a mask, some pull them down under their nose, so they do nothing. Thirty minutes away and across the Missouri river where my daughter, her husband and son live, the schools are open, but everyone is required to wear a mask in the grocery stores. My daughter and her husband and son go to eat in restaurants. I do worry about that, because my daughter is pregnant. She says the restaurants they go to have everyone seated far apart from each other and servers wear masks. My daughter and family are young and healthy, so I pray they will be ok. My husband and I absolutely will not go to restaurants, and haven't had any carry out since February, but we are in our 60's and it just isn't worth the risk.
    In our area the virus numbers are high enough now that we have an acquaintance who has the virus. He is so sick, but is staying home, hopefully he won't have to go to the hospital. He lost 15 lbs in the first week of being sick, and is still losing weight and sick. He has high fever, but so far it isn't in his chest. We are praying he will be feeling better soon and not have to go to the hospital.

    I think people all experience this virus so differently because every area has a different concentration of Covid levels. One town with many people sick, then 1/2 hour away
    the levels of virus are much lower.