Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Christians And The Environment

I think it's a real pity that environmental issues have been largely ceded to the progressives.  As Christians, we are supposed to be good stewards of the nature and its resources, so I'd like to bring your attention to a couple of  posts by a fellow blogger dealing with this topic,

one about recycling garbage

another about waste

This article about reducing plastic waste is interesting, too.


  1. Post Alley CrackpotAugust 6, 2019 at 11:44 PM

    Ah, yes, but Heaven is full of truly virtuous people who recognise the value of the Temple of God, and so they would never allow it to become sullied in the first place, already understanding what needs to be done ...

    Hell, on the other hand, is full of environmentalists.


  2. I would say that Heaven is full of the repentant sinners who may or may not be environmentalists.

    Hell, on the other hand is full of the Pharisaical types who consider themselves virtuous on their own.


  3. It is possible that my Christian social circle is in some way the exception, but there is a concern about environmental issues.

    For certain, it's not the kind of rabid earth worship that one associated with the political environmental movement, but things like reducing plastic use and patronizing local farms rather than industrial corporate farms are the kinds of things considered.

  4. Plastic is ubiquitous, it's just everywhere, isn't it? They took a law saying you have to pay for a plastic bag, and you can still get them for free at the market. It's only when you actively try to restrict its use that you start noticing how nearly impossible it is.

  5. Sanne

    Thanks for the links, much appreciated!

    Mark Moncrieff
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