Friday, February 22, 2019

Turn Satan Off

A great video from my favourite housewife:


  1. People are getting wiser. I stopped watching TV in 1990 after I saw a preview for an upcoming show and thought "How can they show that on TV." It would have been rated X or at least R when I was young. That was it for me. We raised our five children without watching TV. We watched lots of good movies! And played lots of games and read lots of books. (I'm 61)

  2. Every time I watch it in other people's houses, I am glad we don't watch it in mine (unless it's World football cup or something similar). It's only getting worse. Great indoctrination tool, though.

  3. We got rid of tv when we mowed to this flat 11 years ago. I absolutely hated how tv was always the center of ones living room and it really makes decoration difficult - I have a bookshelf that covers one wall, so... Sometimes we could go 2 weeks without opening tv, so it was easy to get rid of it.

    Of course we watch some programs online: mostly nature documentaries and Hercule Poirot and such.

    It really puzzles me how working people have time to watch "Hoarders" or "Temptation Island" or other reality-tv. I don't have time to watch "father Brown's" every episode because it comes daily, and I am a mere housewife.

    BTW, I have always hated to visit places where tv is on all the time. So disturbing. What's the point on asking people to visit you if you cannot even switch tv off?

  4. We have a small TV which is, I think, about 15 years old. It goes on sometimes when something important happens, but we mostly watch all the movies on computer and/or watch YouTube. By many people I know the TV is just always turned on when they are home, whatever they are doing. Some will switch it off when you visit though. I think it comes in handy when you want to watch news, football or parliamentary debates, but otherwise? Not so much. Not after we all got broadband anyway:)

  5. In my country one can watch news and parliamentary debates and such straigt online. Our main tv- channel (like Finland's BBC)streams them real time, and you can also watch them afterwards. Main sports events also.

    But I don't like watching that sort of things, I prefer to read my news. Reading is so much quicker than listening people talk.

  6. Yes, I think here is the same. But many people still prefer TV, I guess. I generally try to avoid local news, they give me headaches:) Most of it is just gossip and speculations of the journos anyway and if something really big happens, we are bound to know. The only news I check religiously is the Weather App:)