Thursday, January 3, 2019

Commenting On This Blog

I have been getting complaints from people who have trouble commenting on my blog, so I'd like to write an explanation of why they might have to deal with these issues. Here is an example of the sort of trouble some folks experience:

 I hope this gets through. A while ago you changed something here and I have had a time getting anything I print to finish and go through here. 

Answer: I didn't change anything at all in my settings, it could be Google doing it, though.

 I do not read anything but English and this is not. :-) 

Answer: Since I blog from the Netherlands, it could be that Google gives the page menu in that language which I honestly don't know what to do about since it's not coming from me, so to say.

 Before I faked it and it worked but now not so..especially if it has to go to the place where I have to choose a picture to prove I am not a robot. I have no idea what I am to do! :-)

Answer: Google has a spam filter installed. By some reason, I'm getting a tremendous amount of spam comments from various from anonymouses. Some are spammed by Google before I even read them, others are manually spammed by me. Google also has a pattern recognition software which means that if you always choose to post as an anonymous, Google may start automatically spamming your comments or giving you picture selections to choose from to prove you aren't a spam bot. 

 Where do I click to make it publish after check comes up! I see nowhere... Clicking publiceren does nothing. Help ! :-)))

Answer: publiceren means publish, I'm not sure why it doesn't work.

Now for a long story:) This blog normally only moderates comments which are older than 10-12 days, and what Google considers spam by its own reasons. I used to get an email notifying me about comments stuck in moderation but some time ago Goggle stopped doing it. As a result, I often forget to check my moderation box and spam filters, some of your comments on older posts and those posted as anon may have never been published by this reason.

Anonymous comments are generally not permitted on this blog, you may choose the Name/Url option instead. If, by some reason, you DO choose to post as an anonymous, please sign your name clearly and in capital letters so that your comment sticks out from the spam comments and makes it easier for me to fish it out of the spam filter. I will probably go back to deleting anonymous comments from bots instead of spamming them, which may help people like Sarah.

Last but not least, I have trouble commenting on my own blog myself! I'm not sure why. It often won't post my own comments, unless I login first. Again, it has nothing to do with my choices, it's just Google weirdness. May be, I should move my blog to Wordpress...Have a nice day, all of you!



  1. Sanne

    When I comment on other peoples sites I am always logged into Blogger or Google. If I am not it often doesn't work.

    Mark Moncrieff
    Upon Hope Blog

  2. It all has to do with Google software. I've been having other issues, too. Not sure if there is any way to fix it, really.