Monday, September 10, 2018

Dresses For The Coming Season

I thought it was time for some pictures:) Last week I bought several dresses online which were in clearance department.

I don't usually wear pink, but liked this one for some reason. It's woven, not knitted, it's from a famous brand and it was really cheap, like 20 euro and available in my size.

The next one is probably more in my style though on a longish side. I've been hesitating about it since the colours appeared rather drab on the website, but it is actually a nice dress.

The last one is the most boring and it could be a size smaller I guess (my size was sold out). it was only 10 euros though and I think it's good enough for every day jobs like scrubbing toilets and vacuuming:)

In the end I should mention that all the pictures were taken by my dear husband who is currently in bed with flu (that's why the bed looks so messy), the fact which he specifically asked me to mention, to garner sympathy, I guess:)

I post more pics tomorrow, but not of myself this time...


  1. To Sanne's Husband

    Women do not get man-flu so they think it is like women-flu. However as a suffer myself I know it is a harsh mistress. Rest, sleep and recover so that you may face the world with renewed vigor!

    Mark Moncrieff
    Upon Hope Blog - A Traditional Conservative Future

    1. Mark,
      thanks, I'll tell it to him:) He's back to work now, it's me who's sick!

  2. I like that "boring one" best. Though I could never wear that colour, it looks like every drop of water leaves a stain.

    Is it still warm enough there to not wear socks/stockings? I am wearing woolsocks...

    I hope your husband gets better soon. Sick husbands at home really mess your routines, don't they?

  3. Well, I guess it's OK but would have really rather preferred a size smaller. I'm not sure whether it gets dirty easily though, that remains to be seen.

    The weather is strange, one day it's like +20*C, then it drops back to 16-17, plus a lot of wind and rain sometimes. The weather app keeps telling me it's going to be 25 and even 26, but next week:)

    Well, hubby is back to work today, but I'm down with flu! And I had such great plans for this week...He sure messed my visiting routines when he brought home this virus:)


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