Monday, December 12, 2016

The Laziest Women In The World

The laziest women in the world live in...Sweden. Well, it wasn't that difficult:) They spend even less time doing daily work around the house that women in the USA, feminism notwithstanding - 95 vs 126 min. The most industrious housekeepers live in India and Mexico (though one can argue that it simply has to do with less industrialisation), followed by Turkey: respectively 298, 280 and 261 min. per day.

For the consolation of Swedish men, I'll note that at least, they do less housework than their Dutch and American counterparts (79 vs 83 vs 82) though our ladies still manage to spend about 2.5 hours per day cleaning. The three countries where the men do more than 100min housekeeping a day are Slovenia (114min), Denmark (107min) and Estonia (105min). Slovenian women still work nearly 100 min longer while the Danish are nearly equal in their chore division, with the women engaged in domestic activities only about half an hour longer than their men.

Of all Scandinavian countries, Norway appears to be the most sane sexist, with women doing twice as much as men (but still not enough - only 101 min.). Southern Europe is divided into more traditional countries, where ladies still know how to cook and clean, like Portugal and Italy. In Italy, women do more than three times the amount of housework than men (204 vs 57) while in Portugal, even though many women nowadays are full time employed, they do on average 253 min housework a day, while men do only 51min. That's what I call the work ethic!

Spain, on the other hand, is well...Their ladies do even less housework than the Dutch and it says a lot (127 min). Men, with 76 min. don't bother much, either. Compare it with the German and Austrian women who still know what the vacuum-cleaner looks like: respectively,  164 and 170min.

Finally, the Japanese have earned their reputation of being a sane and traditional society a disgusting patriarchy, women vs men: 199 vs 24 min.

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  1. I'm a bit surprised; I figured North American women were the laziest. They are the fattest, after all... ;)

  2. You see, it was a misconception;) American women often work quite long hours and still do more housework than their Scandi counterparts who often work part-time as well (at least in Norway and Sweden, don't know about other two countries). So Northern American women are unfairly maligned in this regard:) Canadian ladies work at home even harder, extra 50 minutes on a weekly basis.

  3. Housewife from FinlandDecember 13, 2016 at 4:21 AM

    I would like to know how housework is defined? Is it housework if one drives kids to school etc.? Grocery shopping? Or only the tasks done at home?

    I must be the laziest lady of the world since I actually think that people seem to use quite a lot of time on housework. But thein again, I have no kids, relatively small flat and hubby does the shopping (mostly) since he drives the car so I propably do much less than average person. I mean in Finland men+women cobined did 3,8 hours of housework daily. I definitely do not do that much.

  4. Maybe the size of the house accounts for some of the increased hours of work in the USA.?

  5. Gail, I've thought about it, too.

  6. Housewife, they probably included cooking. I know someone from Portugal and the lady told me that they cook a lot. They eat two warm meals a day and they spend hours cooking dinner. I think In Northern Europe folks probably cook less?

  7. Isn't Sweden supposed to be like the feminist capital of the world where the men are all like "stay at home dads?" And the feminist complain about stupid stuff like "manspreading" and "mansplaining." The horror! The misogyny! And still nobody does housework! :)

    1. Sorry about the poor grammar. I'm on my phone and the thing just logged me out again, probably because I can't read Dutch and clicked the wrong button...

  8. Never mind grammar,mine is getting worse every day:)

  9. Well, equality obviously means that now nobody is doing the dishes:)