Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Is There Really A Global Warming Trend?

My husband's company has its own weather station. Here are the yearly temperature averages for some twenty years:

1994      11.5                 

1995      11.4            
1996      9.6
1997      11.2
1998      11.4
1999      12.1

2001      11.2
2002      11.3
2003      11.2
2004      11.1
2005      11.2
2006      11.6
2007      11.7
2008      11.2
2009      10.9
2010       9.6
2011      11.4
2012      10.7
2013      10.1
2014      12.1
2015      11.1

Now the question is, does it look like a there is a warming trend to you?


  1. I watched a seminar given by the ex-director of NASA who says that the sun has less sun spots nowadays due to the natural cycle of things and so actually we will be getting a little cooler over the next years.

  2. Interesting. When I look at the figures, 2009 appears to mark the beginning of a cooling trend (and we´ve had some pretty cold winters a couple of years ago), but then 2014 goes back to 12 degrees while last year it´s an average of 11 degrees yet again. I wonder if it´s cyclical, like once in a decade you get a warmer year, then a cooler one? Or are there certain decade averages?

  3. I was wondering why this winter was so warm, rainy but not snowy, frosty but dry and it seemed like autumn or spring. Last winter the same. 2-3 years ago very frosty but dry and suddenly february came with huge amounts of snow.

  4. I have decided to post only yearly averages, but I have the averages for every week of all these years. When one month is warmer than normal it usually means that another month will be colder than the average so that the yearly temperature stays basically the same. For instance, last December was much warmer than normal, an average for week 52 is 5.3 but in 2015 it was 11.2, the warmest in 20 years. Yet, the yearly average was colder than 2014. Which makes me think there is a certain pattern in weather.

  5. I just tried to send a short comment using "anonymous" with my signed name but couldn't read the language to pass the test to prove I wasn't a 'robot'. :) (I was trying not to use my Google account as it lists Apron Revolution under My Blogs and I've never had a blog. Maybe years ago when it was first set up, a mistake was made because I did like to read that blog then.

    Anyway, all I had to say was - Maybe now 'they' use the term "Climate Change" instead of "Global Warming" so they don't have to explain the discrepancies with their predictions...

  6. Linda, Google chooses the language according to where the blog owner comes from and it can't be adjusted, apparently. However, all you have to do is to click on the empty square, then you can post.

    "Climate change" are such weasel words, aren't they? I'm not even sure men can influence the climate to such a degree. Reminds me of rain dances and stuff.

  7. Housewife from FinlandFebruary 3, 2016 at 3:59 AM

    Satellite measurements from the past decades show no warming whatsoever...

    Change is the nature of weather and climate. I can hardly understand this climate change hysteria: people should remember, that on 17th century it was so cold that sauce froze in the table of Louis XIV. And 500 years earlier, vikings grew grain in GREENLAND. 10 000 years ago Finland was covered with 3 kilometers thick ice. So rather big and quick changes in climate are perfectly normal. Because sun activity and such.

  8. Housewife, climate hysteria comes in handy when you want to raise energy taxes to fill the state chest. In this case, you can do so from moral high ground.


  10. Thanks for the link, Miriam! I'm afraid for the world of politics it will make little difference as of now.

  11. Housewife from FinlandFebruary 3, 2016 at 9:09 AM

    OT: What do you say about these 70's fashion images?

    To me, it is amazing how feminine women still looked, even if they wore trousers and/or rather plain an androgyn clothes. Maybe it is just the colours, but it seems to me like their faces were more feminine than faces today?

    I love the all-white outfit in the fifth picture. Also the wine-red tunic+trousers combination in the last picture.

    Warning to those more sensitive: there is some skin to be seen and I am afraid none of the ladies wears a bra... I think I would have loved 70's. ;)

  12. Housewife, interesting link. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of 1970s anything:) I prefer 1940s, the first part of 1960s (before the skirts became too short) and some of 1980s stuff, but I see your point. I think clothes back then were still much more formal and stylish than now and it made the difference. Most of those pants they wore were in nice colours and looked like they needed regular ironing, for instance. Nowadays both sexes mostly wear baggy jeans + oversized t-shirts + some variant of sneakers. Personally it look pathetic to me when I see an elderly lady running around in tennis shoes, it's like she has no money to buy anything decent. I'm not trying to attack poor people, but I doubt most women wear these hideous fashions because they can't afford anything better. It's more mentality than anything else.

  13. I can remember winter 2012 when -26 celsius made me cry. I was waiting in a bus station in february at 8 pm. Even strong engines had problems. Our water system had failed that year due to frost and we had to replace some devices.

  14. Do you mean winter 2012-2013? It was quite cold till April or something. I remember our central heating broke down and we had to replace the boiler and how cold it was upstairs in the bedrooms (downstairs we still have an old gas heater though we don't normally use it).

  15. Both 2011-2012, 2012-2013. Dry frost made some installation break. Snow appeared finally and smoothed the icy life.

  16. -26*C sounds rather extreme to me. Glad we don't have it over here!