Friday, February 20, 2015

More On Living Out Of The Pantry

Some time ago I linked to the post about a family who had to live out of their pantry for a couple of months in order to save money on groceries. Luckily for them, they had put aside a lot of supplies. This article made me think how handy it is to keep a full pantry.

Now I always have stored away some things such as canned soup, meat, vegetables and snacks which is pretty convenient if one day you don´t have time or desire to cook, but by no means as much as the lady who wrote that post, however, her example encouraged me to try and do the same.

Last week on our wedding anniversary we visited IKEA. I´ll say honestly I don´t care much for the shop itself but I really like their food.Of course, nearly all of it is frozen convenience food, and warming it up doesn´t really count as cooking in my book, but all the same, we like it:)

That time they had sale, so we bought a bag of Swedish meat balls, plus some other things:

Lingon berries compote and stuff which I never buy normally, like the powdered sause for the meatballs and frozen mashed potatoes.

It turned out to be a lucky deal since a couple of days later I came down with flu and couldn´t do shopping. It does feel like cheating a bit, but it´s still better than a takeout (certainly much cheaper). It still can be served nicely, like this:

I´m not trying to advertise (I´m not an IKEA affiliate:),
however,  I was reminded yet again how important it is to keep some supplies at home for the times like this. My husband had to cook several times but at least he didn´t have to do shopping after work!


  1. It's always a great idea to have extras. Emergencies are always unexpected. In our church we have a freezer for extra meals. When we are making meals at home we make extra portions and put them in our freezer, and then bring the extra meals to church and put them in the freezer at church. The meals are there for the people who need them and for the elderly who have difficulty making meals. Not much work for us to make extra portions and greatly appreciated by those who need them.

  2. Having all these extra meals in the church freezer sounds really like a great idea! I´ve never heard about it before. Not sure if our church even has a freezer.

  3. Housewife from FinlandFebruary 23, 2015 at 4:51 AM

    That is a wonderful way of doing good. I personally do not like donating money, but giving food is totally different.

    We are sort of survivalists so we have two freezer (one is for dogfood, though) and we try to have rather large home storage. I have learned that from my mother.

  4. The first thing I´m planning to do when I´m able to leave house is to start on a large storage! :)


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