Monday, November 24, 2014

Housewives Are Good For The Environment

Traditional housewives are the champions in recycling and thus good for the environment. That all comes with living frugally on one income:)

Take, for instance, this dress:

It is a famous European brand which normally sells for in-between 150 and 250 euros. However, I bought it for 7 euro in a goodwill type store (we have a huge one in our city which sells all sorts of stuff, including clothes, books, computers etc).

Please pay attention to the lamp: it was made by my father-in-law (handwork!), and recently we changed the lampshade to suit our new decor. We found it at the same store for 1.75.

We got this small cabinet for free (someone put it outside to get rid of it). My husband recently gave it a new look by painting it white and green. He also designed and made the side table standing next to it:

Isn't it cute? I bought the drawers very cheaply in Xenos, a Dutch store. In general, I like our new look, and it didn't cost us a fortune.


  1. Housewives don't use petrol commuting, disposable coffee cups for coffee at work or madly overpackaged "convenient" foods for an easy solution to dinner either....

  2. Frugal habits just come naturally when you live on one income:)

  3. Though I will admit I use "convenience" foods sometimes when I have no time to cook dinner. It's cheaper than eating out. I usually opt for more or less "healthy" variants such as ravioli or those ready made salads with meat or fish.

  4. I think some of our helping things comes with the fact that we have time to do it. Not that any homemaker is not busy but can for the most par,t set aside time to redo things or shop used. It is so enjoyable to fluff our homes and make them ours alone. I have little desire to gad about going to town often. Being at home is peaceful and there are many things I love to do at home. We can take the time to help others and in that way also help the world. So many working women have stated they do not know what to do with their time once home. They feel lost and nervous. They are used to a work schedule of their employer telling them their jobs. They also they miss being around many others and the pat on the back that other employees or employers may give them. At home they have to set their own time and work load. They now have to give themselves the inner sense of pride at a job well done. They come home for a short time and many rush back as they cannot take being alone. It is amazing to me but that is how they feel. I have heard it over and over. Many have even for gone some of their maternity leave time and come back early! I have actually known these women! Yes the world is upside down in this area too. These women need a mentor in homemaking to sooth them through this transition. Funny but several once retired though ease into retirement just fine.
    Sorry that I got rather off the subject of your post. Although we had to watch our money closely while the children were home and still we never felt deprived. We had what we needed. We were thankful for the Goodwill type stores as those were the stores we frequented. We never looked poor even though we had little actual money. My being home was a priority for us and never regretted. Our children now grown understand how to live within their means and do it. Yes I suppose being home is good for the planet. I never thought of it that way. :-) Many things we do we needed to do to save money but many we were raised to do and felt natural. There is no shame in not having excess money. The shame we were taught is in not doing our best and not keeping what we had clean and nice. In being good Christian people . We were to watch out for those less fortunate than us and so on as God tells us to do. I keep getting off subject! Thank you for taking your time to share with all of us Sarah

  5. It's OK, Sarah, I always appreciate your point of view! I'd say that even among housewives there is a large segment of women who'd rather be anywhere than their own home. They keep inventing reasons to run around and spend their time interfering in other people's business:) I believe that the Scriptures warn us about this behaviour and encourage married women to spend more time tending to their own household.

  6. You remind me of certain Mormon housewives I saw on the internet.

  7. I'm not certain whether it's meant as a compliment but I can assure you I'm not a Mormon:) I don't always dress in this style, either.