Sunday, September 7, 2014

Specially For My Male Readers

All two of them:) Seriously though, since Captain Capitalism linked to me (thanks, Aaron!) I'm probably getting more male readers than before so I thought I could write a post on a topic which probably interests men more than women: self-defence.

Not that I'm an expert at it, however yesterday I found a quite interesting series of YouTube videos discussing traditional Western techniques of fighting with short blades (daggers and such). I have decided not to embed them as the subject matter is probably too violent for a homemaker's blog, so here are the links to two of the videos which were the most popular:

Introduction, what is the historical Western method?

Fighting with the Reverse Grip

Now you are probably asking yourself a question, why should I as a woman be interested in such things as dagger fighting:) It's really very simple, first, I tend to like everything which has "traditionally Western" as its name, and what is more important, as an author trying to write adventure stories, I never lose a chance to learn something new. It may come in handy in my next novel:) Usually I'm only interested in embroidery and kittens, though...