Friday, August 1, 2014

A Pacifist Cat

Today while cooking dinner I have witnessed a very funny scene. It's still quite warm around here, so that the balcony door is open the whole day long. My cooking activities were interrupted by screaming, and when I went outside, I saw the neighbours' cat called Poes lying in the garden, while another cat, a big black-and-white one, kept screaming at him at the top of his lungs.

Poes ignored him and looked another way. After about ten minutes, the other cat became rather tired and started sounding more pitiful than quarrelsome. He chose another tactic to provoke Poes, and literally got into his face. Poes started growling quietly, but still didn't react. I missed the moment when it came to the actual confrontation as I was busy baking hamburgers, but Poes kept the territory and the other cat left.

I only wish our Frodo had as much sense as this, he keeps on fighting nearly every day, plus 2 days ago he caught a birdie which my husband saved just in time. Frodo was preparing to start his dinner when he was deprived of his prey, it was a large dove and when my husband saw that he was still alive, he brought him to the forest and left over there. The dove seemed to be all right.

Today we are going to buy a new bread-baking machine, finally, hope this one works. The one we had ordered on the net a month ago broke the first time I used it, so we had to send it back. Next time better, I guess...

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