Sunday, June 8, 2014

I Dream Of Jeannie

Finally, I have finished watching it, so I can write a review:)

I think nearly everyone knows I Love Lucy, a TV series from the 1950s about the adventures of a red-haired housewife, her handsome husband and a neighbour couple by the name of Mertz. It's one of those shows you'd love to watch while washing the dishes (I normally watch it while ironing or knitting).

I Dream Of Jeannie is less famous, but it's a great sitcom which, just like Lucy, can be watched by the whole family. Produced in the late 1960s, it ran for 5 seasons. The story is as follows: an austronaut Captain (later Major) Tony Nelson makes an emergency landing on an uninhabited island where he accidentally finds a bottle (but it wasn't a simple bottle...:), with a beautiful blonde female genie in it, called as you probably guessed, Jeannie.

Predictably, she falls in love with Tony and follows him to Coco Beach, Florida where he lives and during the next five seasons does everything imaginable to make Tony marry her. Major Nelson has a friend, Major Roger Healey, whose main interests in life are money and girls, and who at first tries to steal Jeannie from her master, but then helps him to conceal the secret.

Another chief character is Tony's superior, Colonel Bellows, who during the first three seasons is constantly trying to discover what's really going on in Major Nelson's house, but gradually becomes more friendly; and his wife Amanda, an ideal homemaker and the only person in his life Dr. Bellows is really afraid of.

You'll also encounter Jeannie's mother who violently dislikes Tony, and her sister who's got a crush on Major Nelson, some other genies, a magic dog, military personnel from the NASA base, various foreign visitors and Roger's love interests.All the events happen against a  background of Tony and Roger's preparations for the flight to the moon, and the changes which the 1960s society was rapidly undergoing.

I Dream Of Jeannie is a very funny TV series, with only one drawback: as the sixties were progressing, the skirts were getting shorter till they practically disappeared alltogether, so if you are into modest clothes, you'll miss them in this one.

You can watch some of the episodes on YouTube, here is Ep. 17 from the first season:

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