Friday, February 21, 2014

The Fascinating Girl

Probably not everybody knows that Helen Andelin, the author of "Fascinating Womanhood" wrote another book for unmarried women called "The Fascinating Girl" where she gives advice on how to find a good husband.

In the Introduction she writes about the secrets of winning men, and points out that women should try to attract men of good character and warns about dangers of premarital sex. Mrs Andelin warns young women that a man's desire for you as a sex partner is no indication he desires you for a marriage partner, and what is more important, premarital sex is a grave sin before God.

She further points out that in our modern society a woman is on her own while searching for a marriage partner, with little help from parents or acquaintances, and she has but a short time to do it, thus the necessity of her book.

"The Fascinating Girl" is divided into three parts, titled The Angelic Qualities, The Human Qualities and Strategy With Men. The first two parts are basically "Fascinating Womanhood" adapted for single women, while Strategy discusses such interesting topics as Choosing a Mate and Where to Meet Men. 

I'm planning to write about this subject in more detail when I have time so stay tuned! 

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