Sunday, October 13, 2013

When War Was A Thing For Men

For those of us who love vintage ads, here are some from my personal collection with a military theme:


  1. My husband is a former soldier and he just can't understand nations who let/force/assume women to go to army. Women just can't do it. There is so much sexual violence against women in the army_when_there_is_peace, not to mention if they are in the war zone. Women are to give birth, nurture and to sustain life, not to destroy it.

    War, or even the army, is not a place for women. I really don't know how on earth it makes sense to them that if they are in the army, they are as good as men. I saw a tv program of soldiers (male and female) who told why they wanted to be in the army. It was heart-breaking to watch a young girl to tell how badly she wanted to join the army because her father and grandfather were soldiers ( the bell obviously did not ring in her head that her mother and grandmother were not). Then she got raped...

  2. There is something deeply unnatural in having women as trained killers. Every woman has a mother's heart, even if she is childless. The hands of a mother shouldn't be stained with blood. Just to put a disclaimer, I'm not at all against teaching women self-defence, but it's not the same thing as to prepare them for war. War has always been a thing for men. One of the reasons I wrote my book was to counteract countless modern movies and stories featuring females in the army.