Sunday, August 4, 2013

Vacation Fashions Report And Some Links

Dresses are very much in fashion this summer, including very long dresses. Shops in Germany were full of them, in fact, it was easier to find a nice dress than a skirt. In the village where we stayed for the most part, it looked like every woman, young and old, wore a dress.

Among the young, long dresses seemed to be a special hit. In Ascona I've seen young girls wear dresses so long that they basically trailed behind them on the ground. Ascona is a very nice place, but I didn't dare to enter a clothes store over there, not after I saw a dress for 1.500 franks:)

In Milan it was easy to distinguish the tourists coming from the various neighbourhood campings, by their shorts and t-shirts, while the local population tended to be rather well-dressed, both men and women. There were also fewer overweight people of both sexes, so they must be doing something right. Italian women are very feminine, and my husband noticed it, too:) They are elegant and stylish, and seem to be proud of being women, instead of resenting it.

Older women seemed more dignified than their Northern sisters, too, at least they were not competing with their husbands for the shortest haircut, and tended to adorn themselves with longer skirts  instead of shorts (hint: shorts were generally not meant to be worn by a lady of 65+ ; grandmas would do good to leave them for their grandaughters to wear)

Speaking about long hair, don't miss this article from Daily Mail, where the hairdresser to the Queen of England, no less, encourages older women to keep their hair long: "...the Queen’s hairdresser is adamant that most women in their mid-40s and beyond are making a big mistake by having their hair cut short in a bid to turn back the clock."

I'd also like to draw your attention to this post by Lady Lydia (in case you missed it) on homemaking for single women.

Heart For Homemaking blog has an article titled Ladylike Ways To Radical Health which has some interesting suggestions on keeping fit and losing extra weight.

Laura Thinking Housewife has  an interesting post about endurance.

Well, that was about all for today, have a nice Sunday!


  1. I really enjoyed and was encouraged by this post. I would have loved to see some of the women of Ascona wearing their long dresses. Thank you also for kindly mentioning my blog post 'Lady-like ways to Radiant Health'. I am about to visit the other links you have posted. Thank you
    Lesley x

    1. You are welcome! I always read your blog, it's so lovely! BTW, the long dresses fashion came over here, too; we are currently having a spell of warm weather and I see plenty of ladies around wearing them, especially young ones.