Wednesday, April 17, 2013

...And Something To Wear

Last week I finally finished my skirt. Here is how it looks on me:

It's the first time in my life that I made a skirt or any item of clothing with a zipper, my previous attempts at sewing all included back ties and elastic waists. The success made me rather ambitious, so that I'm planning to try this one for my next project:

I have already found some nice fabric at the market and hope to start working at it next week.

I'd also like to draw your attention to a very interesting site called Hearth And Home which has lots of great Victorian recipes adjusted for modern times (thanks, Shaolin!). It also has links to old housekeeping books.

In other news, I finally read all articles in Delicious and chose the recipes I'm going to try. The magazine had a hilarious article about some Danish guys who experiment with eating insects, wood chips and pine tree needles. They have been trying to promote the wholesomeness of such diet (containing only local ingredients!) to the broad Danish public, but rather unsuccessfully, though I'm told you can order desserts with live ants on them in the most expensive restaurant of Denmark (a mental note: never to go there!).

On the other hand, if the economic crisis continues, may be we all finally discover the health benefits of eating pine needles, who knows!!!


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    1. Some people never can understand why one would want to sew or knit as you can buy clothes in cheap stores for peanuts. Of course, cheap clothes often look that way and tend to fall apart after the first washing and quality items cost more than the price of fabric or yarn but that is not the most important consideration for me. To make something with your own hands gives one a tremendous feeling of accomplishment. It's difficult to explain it to someone who has never tried.