Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday News And Some Links

It's cold outside, again. The temperature hasn't risen above the freezing point for the whole day. The weather forecast predicted snow, and our central heating system broke down:( Well, at least we still have warm water in the house, and this old gas heater in the living-room which we had to turn on. It's amazing that the thing dates back to the 1930s and still works while the boiler from the central heating was only twenty years old. They don't make them like this any more:)

As you see, we are still keeping a stiff upper lip and enjoying ourselves despite the circumstances:) There is something primeval in sitting in front of the roaring fire, even if it's burning behind the glass, and with my knitting needles in my hands I practically felt myself a Victorian. Speaking of knitting, here is a great site for all those who knit:

Knitting Pattern Central,

a huge online directory of free knitting patterns. That's where I found the pattern for the skirt I'm currently working at. For those who like crochet, there is a sister site as well:

Crochet Pattern Central

In other news, Laura Wood announces the creation of The American Traditionalist Society , The Orthosphere discusses Women Soldiers, Happy Housewife encourages childless women to stay home, and Britain loses its AAA credit rating. While browsing the links, please keep in mind the obligatory disclaimer .

I want to wish you all a blessed Lord's Day.


  1. A very beautiful heater. I've never seen one like it.

    1. They are still sold over here where I live. My husband bought ours from the previous house owner. We did a search on the net but couldn't exactly determine how old it is. It looks like Art Deco to me, so it must be from the 1930s, 1940s at the very latest. I must add that our heater is an original cast-iron one, as opposed to later replicas.