Thursday, June 4, 2015

It's Year 1908 Yet Again!

And it's summer, too - the 11th of July. The students of the University of Delft have a celebration. The theme is medieval Italy, so it was a sort of a Renaissance fair:)

This issue of De Prins has an article about life in Indonesia,  a story about a gentleman whiteknighting for a pretty girl who turns to be a thief and some cool photos, as the one below featuring rock climbing in England:

and the new railway water tower, designed by Mr. Humbolt from Cologne:

The idea of beauty contest is apparently more than a hundred years old. In 1908, you could enter your kid for one and get a chance to win 100 f:

The kid on the left won. He (or at least, I think it's a he) wouldn't be my first choice, but may be, I'm just being mean. Or the beauty standards change. Or whatever:)

We then encounter an article about the city of Alkmaar and another sentimental story about a young lieutenant. Those young lieutenants seemed to be the staple of the romantic fiction of the period. As usual, he is deep in love-connected problems. After a fight with his spoiled fiancee he leaves and breaks her heart. They meet again 12 years later, she a young widow, he a colonel (he made quite a career). She apologises. He apologises. They marry. Happy End!

Below is the photo of Queen Mother in Rhenen after a charitable visit:

And some of our officers who took part in horse riding competition:

From left to right, 2nd lieutenant C.H. Labouchere (10th prize), Mr. Lachlan, a member of the welcome committee for foreign participants, Colonel Punt, a jury member, 1st lieutenants Mathon and Van Welderen Baron Rengers, who both took part in the competition.

Some other highlights are this picture of the then recently deceased K.J.G. Baron van Hardenbroek van 's Heeraartsberg and Bergambacht, the chairman of the Dutch Red Cross:

and a photo from a regatta organised by Dutch Royal Marine:

We then come to the next chapter of the novel by Ms. Heimburg about the difficult paths  (Langs moeilijke Wegen)  of Henk van Buchen, a young lieutenant whose bride-to-be ditched him because he refused to leave the army. Here is what his father said when he heard about her ultimatum to his son (translation mine):

...our ancestors  all served the king...all Van Buchens were proud that they could serve the king and fatherland. We have always been poor and not one of us married for money. And you, my only son, the last one bearing the come to ask me if you should put aside your uniform? And why? Because of a pair of pretty eyes and a bag of money?...This girl doesn't love you, Henk! The woman who is in love says: wherever you go, I will go...Tell her that she must follow the ages old law, that she must follow you, that your honour as a man, your pride as an officer forbids you to follow her. 

The last picture I'm going to post is one of Father Kieft and his seven sons working in a field:

They  were apparently already featured that winter while skating. And that was about all for today, till next time!

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