Thursday, February 23, 2017

Lydia Sherman Reviews My Book

Lydia Sherman from Home Living was kind enough to review my book! That's what she writes:

Do you remember when reading a book of fiction lifted you from life's heavy concerns and took you away to another place and time? The Long Way Home does that. It contains action, a bit of mystery and some romance...

If you are an American, you will be attracted to the British type characters of yesteryear; the kind that held the stiff upper lip in times of stress, and, do not forget the tea. We all love the Brits with this type of description, and this is exactly what Sanne Wijker has developed into her main character. Though the hero of the story lives quite sacrificially, he wants to save a few things: save his country, save his own neck, and save his girl.

Read the whole of it over here: A Book Review - "The Long Way Home"

I'm especially grateful to Lydia for calling me young - it's a great compliment for this "young-ish" Gen X housewife:) Thank you, dear friend!

Now about the sequel she mentioned: I'm working on a new book which is set in the same world, but several years earlier and it features the same character (though not the main one) and the same planets. My book is currently available in print by by both Lulu and Amazon, as a PDF by Lulu and as an EPUB also by Lulu. I'm planning to purchase new ISBN numbers which will allow me to offer  the EPUB version on Amazon as well. 

I understand that some folks may have their reservations in ordering from Lulu as it's not so famous but I've done it several times myself and never had any problems. The quality of the print was good, too. Unlike many others, I don't put any ads or other commercial content on this blog and I have never panhandled. I'm not really in the need of money but I certainly would appreciate it if those who read and enjoy my blog would read and enjoy my first novel, too! Thanks in advance. 

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