Friday, August 12, 2022

Heat Wave

 We are in the middle of a heat wave, the real one this time as the temps will stay above 30*C for several days. It's kinda warm right now, but the nights are getting longer so it's bearable. The airco hasn't been on yet, but it's quite uncomfortable in the bedrooms at night. 

Well, as long as it stays under 35*C I guess we will be fine. Planning to spend the most of the weekend near water. But it does make you very lazy. I think instead of effort posting I'll just post some vacation pics tomorrow:)

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Should We Enable Overweight People?

 This from 2 days ago:

Talk show host and comedian Bill Maher railed against the pro-obesity 'body positivity' movement, saying that not only is it pathetic, it's a national security risk...

 "We’ve gone from fat acceptance to fat celebration. That’s new. That is new," Maher said. "To view letting yourself go as a point of pride? We used to at least try and be fit and healthy and society praised those who succeeded"...

"At some point acceptance becomes enabling, and if you’re in any way participating in this joyful celebration of gluttony that goes on now, you have blood on your hands," he said, adding "You can make believe you’re fighting some great social justice battle for a besieged minority, but what you’re really doing is enabling addicts – which I thought we decided was bad."

I see it all the time online nowadays, not so much in real life. Now, there is no reason to be mean about someone's weight, but fat overweight and especially obese people should be encouraged to lose weight and to try to lead a healthier lifestyle.

They shouldn't be told that they are "beautiful and gorgeous" or "fine the way you are" because it's emphatically not true, and neither are they healthy. 

When you watch some of UTube vids where people show their grocery shopping, you realise that they don't get obese because of "seed oil" or "corn syrup" or "gluten" or even "meat" as vegans claim, or bad genes; but chiefly because of their love affair with processed food, snacks, fizzy drinks, and all sorts of cake, cookies, pies and other sugary junk. 

The success of such diets as paleo or gluten free lies in a simple fact that they exclude this type of foods, not in some sort of "ancestral diet magic", and in portion control. 

I should say it's especially typical for Americans, judging by these videos, that and the lack of fresh fruit and veg in the diet. Here we still have the dinner concept of meat/fish, potatoes and 2 veg; not an oversized burger plus a whole pile of French fries and 2 tomato slices, accompanied by Cola XXL and an ice cream. 

If you are normal weight, you don't have to totally avoid this stuff, just minimise it and you'll be fine. This, and start moving. And for those who need a gentle nudge, avoiding such diseases as diabetes, cancer and heart attack should be motivation enough.

Monday, August 8, 2022

Infanticide Is Nothing New

 and it is tied to the decline of religion, morals and female emancipation:

Greek women participated actively in the cultural pursuits of the time, and contributed to letters, science, philosophy, and art. Aristodama of Smyrna gave recitals of her poetry throughout Greece, and received many honors. Some philosophers, like Epicurus, did not hesitate to admit women into their schools. Literature began to stress the physical loveliness of woman rather than her worth and charm as a mother; the literary cult of feminine beauty arose in this period alongside the poetry and fiction of romantic love. The partial emancipation of woman was accompanied by a revolt against wholesale maternity, and the limitation of the family became the outstanding social phenomenon of the age. Abortion was punishable only if practiced by a woman against the wish of her husband, or at the instigation of her seducer. When a child came it was in many cases exposed. Only one family in a hundred, in the old Greek cities, reared more than one daughter: “Even a rich man,” reports Poseidippus, “always exposes a daughter.” Sisters were a rarity. Families with no child, or only one, were numerous. 

The downfall of Greece


Friday, August 5, 2022

More On Coal

 Here are the pictures:





Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Global Warming And Coal Industry

 While on vacation, we visited an area in Germany where they used to mine coal. I'll post pictures later. The last mine was closed somewhere in the mid-1970s. Europe industrialised on coal, however later the industry was demonised as contributing to global warming. Yet, in the 1970s global warming wasn't heard of, so I guess it was "pollution" or something similar, I didn't really look into it.

I just keep wondering whether pollution back then and now global warming is the real reason behind destroying the coal industry or was the closing of the mines  the 1st step in the ongoing campaign to deindustrialise the West and turn it into a "service economy" as a part of a larger globalist project?

The truth is that in the mid-20th century the miners had strong unions and achieved many rights. I once read someone talking about his family online, his uncles were coal miners in Britain in the 1950s or thereabout, they enjoyed high quality of life, vacations, good pensions, only had to work for like 20 years and were all single income families, with like 4-5 kids each.

When these workers got on  strike, they could paralyse the whole country, which the government obviously didn't like, and neither did the financial capitalists behind it. So the whole branch of economy was eliminated. The powers that be of that period then had a genius plan to buy gas from a neighbour, the same neighbour that is now turning off the tap. It's working great, isn't it??? 

A strong country is a self-sufficient country, something which so-called Western elites appear to have forgotten, yet they are mostly sheltered from the consequences of their policies which are now causing inflation and instability for the common folks.

I realise some Americans are so afraid of "socialism" that they'd rather side with predatory financial institutions and big business than with working people, but here in Europe it's neoliberal economic policies which are driving population replacement through immigration, feminism and other social ills. They are also behind the recent attacks on the farmers, who constitute a real force.

The corona years taught us a bit about which sectors of economy are really important and which can be closed for like a year and nothing happens. Schools were closed and parents homeschooled. The whole of entertainment and hospitality branches were closed and nobody cared. Yet, when our government was planning to give the employers the power to enforce vaccine mandates, something happened. The dockers of the Port of Rotterdam went on strike and blocked one of the harbours for several hours.

After this, there was no more talk about vaccine mandates. Strange how it works, isn't it? So, everybody is free to draw his own conclusions. I drew mine. 

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Medieval Festival Part 2, Evening


We were greeted by the Duke without heir and his musicians

Sword fighting

These two guys really liked it

I thought the colours of this tent really cheerful

More musicians

When we walked past them again, these guys switched to some sort of  halberd or whatever the heck it's called and kept going:

A girl band:)

and a beautiful sunset

Their bread smelled so nice, I had to buy one. They baked it right there on the spot:

Tasted great, too!

In the cellars senior citizens were getting drunk tasting wine

We left around 11p.m. but the party was still going on!

It was a great weekend.