zondag 31 augustus 2014

Dressing To Impress Or To Offend?

I want to draw your attention to the article by Theodore Dalrymple called Slobbery as Snobbery. The article is quite old (it was originally posted by Taki Mag on June 15, 2014), but I only read it yesterday as some other blog I visit linked to it.

The article makes some very good points and coincidentally, it's about the author's trip to Amsterdam and how he was shocked by the horrible way people around him dressed. (My countrymen certainly won't win  the European Prize for their sense of fashion, though I'd say that what I've seen in England was not always much better). However, Mr Dalrymple also makes general observations about the state of things in the West concerning dress and manners (the comments were well worth reading, too, all 500+ of them:).

He starts by saying that there are very few well-dressed people around which he partly attributes to the mass production of clothes, but then Mr Dalrymple points out that there is also a deliberate act of will on the part of people in general to look like slobs:

Practically everyone now dresses not merely in a casual way, but with studied slovenliness for fear of being thought elegant, as elegance is a metonym for undemocratic sentiment or belief. You can dress as expensively as you like, indeed expensive scruffiness is a form of chic, but on no account must you dress with taste and discrimination. To do so might be to draw hostile attention to yourself.

I personally find it a very astute observation. It's true that the majority of people nowadays, both men and women look as if they are afraid of being accused of looking too well. Heaven forbid you put some thought into the way you dress, it's almost as if they desire to look as slovenly and unkempt as possible. Some sort of trashy chic, I guess. The objective seems to be to look as if you bought most of your clothes at Salvation Army charity shop (though I personally bought good quality stylish clothes at a Goodwill type of store).

Mr Dalrymple notes that even expensive shops (and those in Amsterdam can be very pricey indeed) offer clothes which hardly can be described as elegant. It's interesting that when a discussion like this begins, people will tell you that nice clothes are expensive, and they can't afford looking better than tramps, and yet, as the author of the original article points out, they do have money for tattoos and piercings:

Is it not odd that in an age when more people have a large discretionary income than ever before, and are prepared to pay thousands for such adornments as tattooing (some one in five American adults are now tattooed), almost everyone should look as if he or she had just rolled out of bed and picked up a pile of clothes from the night before that was lying crumpled on the floor?

People in the West aren't really that poor that they can't afford to own some decent-looking garments. Mr Dalrymple admits that when he was younger he thought that dressing well wasn't important at all, however, as he grew older, he changed his mind. That's actually a normal process called growing up, though a lot of adults nowadays seem to be stuck in the perpetual adolescence.

Mr Dalrymple is correct in pointing out that slovenliness in dress is nearly always the result of laziness. However, he is probaly right in stating that it's more than laziness which causes moderns to look as horrible as they do: the conscious desire to offend others, to express your contempt for their opinions of you:

The problem is not merely absence of self-respect, it is active hostility to self-respect, replaced entirely by self-esteem. The former says, “I will keep myself looking good in the eyes of others;” the latter says, “What is good enough for me is good enough for everyone else, and if they find me an eyesore they can jolly well put up with it.”

The author describes a fashion show he witnessed in one of the shops in Amsterdam where the female models paraded around with an expression of hatred for people around them on their faces. I quite often buy sewing and knitting magazines which feature pictures from catwalks and I noticed it, too. Instead of trying to look pleasant, female models have a look of universal contempt for those around them.

In short, as Mr Dalrymple sums it up: This is the first age in which people do not dress to please others, but dress to displease others...

I believe he is right, too. We went from teaching our children to dress well to please or impress others to letting them dress in deliberately offensive manner in order to express themselves or some such nonsense. Our whole society is oriented towards the worship of Self (think of the obsession with selfies). So here is the challenge: if you want to change things for the better and to save Western civilisation you can start by making a conscious effort to dress elegantly and to look well at all occasions and teach your children to do the same.

Let's all try in our daily life not to look like the people featured in those pictures:
People Of Walmart

zaterdag 30 augustus 2014

New Links

I'd like to draw your attention to the two new links I have added this week. One is to the blog called Mias Landliv which I mentioned several times. Mia is a talented craftster who lives in Norway. She blogs about her life in the country and all the beautiful things she creates.

Another link is actually not a blog, but a site called Knitting Pattern Central which has a collection of free knitting patterns and is regularly updated. When you click on the link, you can go to Free Pattern Directory and browse by category. It features baby and children's clothing as well as vintage patterns. You can also submit a pattern of your own. If knitting is your hobby, that's the site for you!:)

donderdag 28 augustus 2014

Homemaker's Work Should Be Respected

Unfortunately, that's not always the case! It all started with feminists calling housewives parasites and this attitude spread in society through the MSM, but also due to the fact that when married women started working full time, we got a whole generation of children which grew in day cares and with babysitters and since they never experienced the homemaker mother they don't see any value in this occupation.

Currently a housewife is often portrayed as an ignorant, low income, low class, low intelligence/education sort of woman, whose husband treats her poorly and whose children are spoilt brats. This mischaracterisation is bad on its own, but it gets worse when some women seem determined to live up to the stereotype. Since the MSM is out of our control, we hardly can change the images they present, though we can boycott them.

I, for one, refuse to buy Dutch ladies' magazines which totally ignore housewives. They apparently don't need my money, so let the career women support the industry. I'm not giving one cent to people who so evidently despise me. I buy German magazines instead, which often feature homemakers in a positive light. We also can refuse watching TV shows making fun at women at home. In fact, modern daytime TV reminds me of a sewer, so there is no great loss any way for me not watching it.

However, more often than not, it's friends and family who show disrespect to a housewife, and their unkind words hurt much more than babbling of some stupid TV character or idiotic newspaper articles. And here it is that as a homemaker, you have to put your foot down, especially when it concerns friends. If they are really your friends, they should support your choices and not belittle them, even if they themselves chose differently. Mutual respect is a basis of any healthy relationship, including friendships.

Don't allow your friends or family to tear you down. Yes, it includes family, too, often fathers and mothers and aunts and siblings. Even if it's your own parents, you should be able to communicate to them your displeasure if they try to interfere into your affairs or attack your choices. You are a grown, married woman now and  a mother and how you live your life is between your husband and yourself. Your parents, though you still owe them respect, have no say in the matter. They can't forbid you to stay home. They have no right to insist you find a job.

It's bad enough, when the housewife is harassed by her parents, which happens often enough, but it's even worse when she is disrespected by her own children, and unlike with parents, it's clearly her own fault, too. Children should learn early in life that the mother's work around the house is important, and that she isn't a domestic drudge existing to serve them on hand and foot.When they get older, they should help with some domestic tasks, according to their abilities, and, of course, they can keep their own room clean.

I remember when I was a little girl, my mother talked to me about the work of a homemaker. She said that the good a homemaker does, often goes unnoticed because we take it for granted. The meals are on time, the house is clean, the laundry done. You don't have to search for clean socks and the fridge is full. It just seems the way things should be, like it all happens by magic, but it doesn't. It happens through the conscious effort of the one who does it (as my husband recently found out when I was sick and he had to do housekeeping:)

There was an old story which illustrated it perfectly well. It was about a husband who kept asking his wife what she did at home the whole day. One evening he came back from work and the house was a mess, the children were running wild, in dirty clothes, there was no dinner on the stove and the wife sat in an easy chair reading a book. "What does this all mean?" asked the husband angrily. "You always asked me what I was doing at home the whole day, " said the wife. "Well, today I haven't done it."

An important thing to remember is that a homemaker should not allow herself to be taken for granted, not even by her own husband. While he is the breadwinner, her work is important, too. She doesn't just exist to bring him his slippers, she creates a peaceful home life and raises children, which allows him to achieve in the professional world, the world of men.

Making home your career must not be a sacrifice, it's a privilege!

woensdag 27 augustus 2014

I'm Back!

Sort of:) 

I have been down with flu. Not your garden variety flu, but a nastiest strain of stomach flu one could imagine. Luckily, it started during the weekend, so that my husband could take over, and then my sister-in-law came to help. I still feel like I have been run over by a truck, but at least I´m able to sit straight and make my own tea!:)

I used my time on leave from domestic duties to watch Pride And Prejudice (the one with Colin Firth, of course), and a 1980s BBC version of Sense And Sensibility which I like more than 1990s American movie, though they could have chosen a more handsome man for Edward and Colonel Brandon had too much hair on his face.

I have noticed a spike of visitors due chiefly to my last movie review. Apparently, as I have long suspected, in order to become more popular, one only has to write more posts with sex as a topic. Well, there are some blogs, even Christian ones, which seem to write about nothing else. I find such an obsession with this topic rather juvenile, actually, so I`m afraid I´m going to disappoint all of my newly acquired readers by stating that I´m not planning to devote considerably more blog posts to it:)

Summer apparently has decided to return, after about two weeks of the most lousy weather imaginable, but despite the sun shining brightly outside, the sky has a colder autumn shade of blue in it. I hope you are all doing fine! Next time I´ll try to write about something more sophisticated than my health problems, I promise.

maandag 25 augustus 2014

A Short Personal Note

I'll be away from computer for a couple of days. Regular posting will be resumed as soon as possible

vrijdag 22 augustus 2014

Sex Mission

Sex Mission is a 1984 Polish distopian sci-fi movie mocking feminism and totalitarian governments. It goes like this: two men are put into hibernation in the year 1991 as a part of a scientific experiment. They are supposed to wake up after three years and earn a lot of money in the process. However, when they do wake up, it's the year 2044, most men have died out as a result of a war, and the world (what's left of it) is ruled by a bunch of feminist harpies. In fact, our two heroes are the last men left.

They are kept in isolation, while the women decide what to do with them. The brave new world has no family, all the children are girls, produced in test tubes and raised in state nurseries and every woman has to get a pill daily to control her most natural female urges. Women are taught that the men are the source of all evil, starting with Adam who fed the apple to Eve and Cain who killed his sister Abel.

At school, girls are taught that simple devices such as razors were used by men to behead and torture women, all great scientists were women, and that though Man has never really existed, he is every woman's worst enemy.

The two poor guys make attempts to escape from those hags, but unsuccessfully and in the end, the "ladies" decide that they should undergo sex change operation (called "naturalisation"), but at the last moment, they are resqued by a female scientist who fell in love with one of the guys. She shows them the way out of the underground bunker to freedom, but the real surprise awaits them in the end. After help comes from an unexpected corner, the guys embark on their mission to repopulate the Earth with men.

Sex Mission is a comedy, and quite funny at that. Unfortunately, though it was made 30 years ago, feminists didn't change a bit and still hate men and want to criminalise masculinity. The all-female society in the film is shown as to be totally humourless, with even the most innocent forms of entertainment, such as dancing forbidden. It's true, feminists are a humourless bunch, therefore, let's laugh at them:)

A word of warning: the movie deals with adult subject matter. There are no actual sex scenes, but it has nudity, some very naughty scenes and occasional swearing. If you are prudish, it's probably not for you.

Watch it on YouTube with English subs:
Sex Mission

woensdag 20 augustus 2014

Tired Of Waiting For The World To End

Some time ago I was asked to write a post about how news can influence a homemaker for the worse, so here it comes:)

I've had it with the mass media. Not only the so-called MSM (mainstream media), but the alternative media as well. No, I'm not going to live like a hermit, but I'm planning to seriously restrict the amount of blogs and forums (fora?) which I follow. The reason is that I'm getting tired of all the doom and gloom.

We all know that MSM is liberal, socialist and sensationalist, that it often censors the dissenting opinions and spreads marxist propaganda and sometimes downright lies. Journalists often use scaremongering (global warming) to increase support for the liberal cause. The alternative right media, on the other hand, are often the mirror copy of MSM, heavily engage in "despair p0rn" and are busy with promoting their own end-of-the-world scenarios.

MSM predicts that Christianity will soon disappear and we will all live in a "brave new world." Christians often agree and in general, exhibit an attitude best described by the phrase "why polishing the brass on a sinking ship."

MSM talk about global warming, alternative internet sites discuss global cooling, the coming new Ice Age and how we'll all subsequently die from hunger after the next major volcano eruption. Sometimes I sincerely wonder how one manages to get through life with this attitude without hanging himself first thing in the morning.

MSM are full of feminist propaganda. Men bad, women good. Women are always victims. Patriarchy, bla bla. Anti-feminists talk about how men are always innocent victims of women and how everything bad what happens in the world is the fault of the weaker sex. Women apparently lurk at every corner planning how to screw another hapless male victim. They only marry so that later they can divorce a man and rob him of his savings. Women bad, men good. Gynocracy bla, bla. See the similarity?

 And so it goes. Now we are having a new global scare - Ebola. As of now, there are reportedly about 1200 people who died from Ebola in Africa. It is supposedly a crisis of world proportions. On the other hand, according to WHO, 3000 children in Africa die daily from malaria, and yet we hardly hear about it. in 2010, about 300 000 people world wide died from cholera, and there was nothing in the news about it. Add to this plague, typhoid fever (190 000 deaths in 2010), and the like and you start thinking what is all this hype about.

This world we live in is full of dangers. There is aways something happening somewhere. If you are going to follow it all, you'll have no life. There is also little use in getting all upset about something we can't change. I noticed I'm feeling the happiest when I'm on vacation because I don't read, hear or watch the news. Then I can just concentrate on the little things that matter, instead of the latest outrage.

In short, I finally got tired of waiting for the world to end. I took a decision that since now on I'm going to simply enjoy life, day by day. It's always the little things in life which matter most, your child's first smile, a sunny day after the storm, a fresh-baked apple pie, an evening walk with your husband. A homemaker should try to create a peaceful atmosphere in her home, which is next to impossible if we spend all our time worrying about the news.