vrijdag 22 augustus 2014

Sex Mission

Sex Mission is a 1984 Polish distopian sci-fi movie mocking feminism and totalitarian governments. It goes like this: two men are put into hibernation in the year 1991 as a part of a scientific experiment. They are supposed to wake up after three years and earn a lot of money in the process. However, when they do wake up, it's the year 2044, most men have died out as a result of a war, and the world (what's left of it) is ruled by a bunch of feminist harpies. In fact, our two heroes are the last men left.

They are kept in isolation, while the women decide what to do with them. The brave new world has no family, all the children are girls, produced in test tubes and raised in state nurseries and every woman has to get a pill daily to control her most natural female urges. Women are taught that the men are the source of all evil, starting with Adam who fed the apple to Eve and Cain who killed his sister Abel.

At school, girls are taught that simple devices such as razors were used by men to behead and torture women, all great scientists were women, and that though Man has never really existed, he is every woman's worst enemy.

The two poor guys make attempts to escape from those hags, but unsuccessfully and in the end, the "ladies" decide that they should undergo sex change operation (called "naturalisation"), but at the last moment, they are resqued by a female scientist who fell in love with one of the guys. She shows them the way out of the underground bunker to freedom, but the real surprise awaits them in the end. After help comes from an unexpected corner, the guys embark on their mission to repopulate the Earth with men.

Sex Mission is a comedy, and quite funny at that. Unfortunately, though it was made 30 years ago, feminists didn't change a bit and still hate men and want to criminalise masculinity. The all-female society in the film is shown as to be totally humourless, with even the most innocent forms of entertainment, such as dancing forbidden. It's true, feminists are a humourless bunch, therefore, let's laugh at them:)

A word of warning: the movie deals with adult subject matter. There are no actual sex scenes, but it has nudity and some very naughty scenes. If you are prudish, it's probably not for you.

Watch it on YouTube with English subs:
Sex Mission
(I wasn't sure how to unlist it. The movie is number 20 in the list).

woensdag 20 augustus 2014

Tired Of Waiting For The World To End

Some time ago I was asked to write a post about how news can influence a homemaker for the worse, so here it comes:)

I've had it with the mass media. Not only the so-called MSM (mainstream media), but the alternative media as well. No, I'm not going to live like a hermit, but I'm planning to seriously restrict the amount of blogs and forums (fora?) which I follow. The reason is that I'm getting tired of all the doom and gloom.

We all know that MSM is liberal, socialist and sensationalist, that it often censors the dissenting opinions and spreads marxist propaganda and sometimes downright lies. Journalists often use scaremongering (global warming) to increase support for the liberal cause. The alternative right media, on the other hand, are often the mirror copy of MSM, heavily engage in "despair p0rn" and are busy with promoting their own end-of-the-world scenarios.

MSM predicts that Christianity will soon disappear and we will all live in a "brave new world." Christians often agree and in general, exhibit an attitude best described by the phrase "why polishing the brass on a sinking ship."

MSM talk about global warming, alternative internet sites discuss global cooling, the coming new Ice Age and how we'll all subsequently die from hunger after the next major volcano eruption. Sometimes I sincerely wonder how one manages to get through life with this attitude without hanging himself first thing in the morning.

MSM are full of feminist propaganda. Men bad, women good. Women are always victims. Patriarchy, bla bla. Anti-feminists talk about how men are always innocent victims of women and how everything bad what happens in the world is the fault of the weaker sex. Women apparently lurk at every corner planning how to screw another hapless male victim. They only marry so that later they can divorce a man and rob him of his savings. Women bad, men good. Gynocracy bla, bla. See the similarity?

 And so it goes. Now we are having a new global scare - Ebola. As of now, there are reportedly about 1200 people who died from Ebola in Africa. It is supposedly a crisis of world proportions. On the other hand, according to WHO, 3000 children in Africa die daily from malaria, and yet we hardly hear about it. in 2010, about 300 000 people world wide died from cholera, and there was nothing in the news about it. Add to this plague, typhoid fever (190 000 deaths in 2010), and the like and you start thinking what is all this hype about.

This world we live in is full of dangers. There is aways something happening somewhere. If you are going to follow it all, you'll have no life. There is also little use in getting all upset about something we can't change. I noticed I'm feeling the happiest when I'm on vacation because I don't read, hear or watch the news. Then I can just concentrate on the little things that matter, instead of the latest outrage.

In short, I finally got tired of waiting for the world to end. I took a decision that since now on I'm going to simply enjoy life, day by day. It's always the little things in life which matter most, your child's first smile, a sunny day after the storm, a fresh-baked apple pie, an evening walk with your husband. A homemaker should try to create a peaceful atmosphere in her home, which is next to impossible if we spend all our time worrying about the news.

maandag 18 augustus 2014

No-bake Danish Apple Cake

Or at least, my variant of it. I noticed that my recipes are much less popular than my rants, though I'm personally more proud of my cooking than of my ranting:)

Anyway, this makes for a great dessert.

You will need:

1kg apples, peeled, cored and cut into small pices
150g sugar
8g gelatin
100g butter
150g bread crumbs (I wasn't sure how much it was, so I used 6 slices of bread; 4 white and 2 wholewheat. It was enough for the size cake you see in the picture, however it wasn't enough to fill the round baking pan as the original recipe suggested. You will need to remove the crust and cut bread into small cubes)
100g jam ( I used red berries jam, and it was more than 100g, in fact, I used nearly the whole jar)
1c whipping cream

First, you need to make apple compote. For this, cook apples together with some water and 75g sugar until the pieces become very soft,  then mash them, add soaked gelatin. and let it dissolve. Let it cool completely

Whip the cream together with 2 tbsp sugar, very stiff. In a skillet over medium heat melt the butter, add the bread crumbs + 50g sugar, cook and stir until  brown.

Next, assemble the cake. First a layer of  crumbs, then apple compote, then jam, top with bread crumbs. Now spread whipped cream all over and refrigerate. You will have to eat it during the next 2-3 days, as the whipped cream tends to turn sour, even in the fridge.

Crazy Toys

Start your working week with a smile:

New in the toy department: a musical toilet bowl! Makes different sounds when you press the button, toilet paper included. I wonder what will they think of next?:)

woensdag 13 augustus 2014

August Links

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dinsdag 12 augustus 2014

Tarte De Cambrai And Other Things

First, thank you all who responded to my latest post and who prayed! I took it down because of privacy reasons, since it concerned the third party.

And now on to the more pleasant things. Last week, I tried this recipe:

It's a quick, easy and budget French variant of an apple pie.

To make it, you will need:

1c (150g)  flour + 1tsp baking powder
4 TBSP powder sugar
1pkg (8g) vanilla sugar
salt to taste
2 eggs
6 TBSP milk
3 TBSP butter, melted
2 big apples (or 3 small ones)
3 TBSP sugar
50g butter

In a bowl, combine flour, baking powder, powder sugar, vanilla sugar and salt. In another bowl, beat together eggs, milk and butter, then add to the flour mixture, stir until combined. Transfer the batter to a greased 28 cm round baking pan.

Peel and slice the apples, arrange on top. Sprinkle with sugar and top with butter cut into small cubes. Bake at 200°C for 1-2 min, then at 175°C for ab. 35-40 min or until golden brown. Serve warm or cold. Makes for a great dessert.