donderdag 2 juli 2015

Could It Really Be True?

Did the Star of Bethlehem appear again, and if yes, what does it signify?

Here are some pictures taken from our terrace.
June 30, 2015:


The "Star" (in reality, Venus and Jupiter very close together) is the one below, the one above is Regulus (I think).

dinsdag 30 juni 2015

Greece Defaults

Things are getting interesting:

Greece crisis live: 

Greece Becomes First Developed Country To Default To The IMF

Who Are We Trying To Please?

I have been thinking how strange it is that women are often so eager to please other people/other women while ignoring their own husbands.

Examples abound: the husband states his preference for long hair while the girlfriends encourage the wife to get a haircut. The father thinks his grown-up daughter could better stay home with her children while the mother eagerly volunteers to babysit. The husband earns a decent income and doesn't like for his wife to get distracted from her domestic duties while she agrees to babysit the neighbour's children for less than the minimum wage. The wife allows her mother to interfere into the family affairs etc etc.

The husband nearly always seems to come last, after children, parents, neighbours, girlfriends and pets. Somehow it doesn't strike me as right.

The men are all different, of course, some even want their wives to work and don't care for a cozy home. Yet, the majority of them seem to want the same thing: the wife who takes care of her appearance and isn't a slob, well-behaved children,an organised household, meals on time and as little drama as possible. Doesn't sound like too much to me.

It can be different for two-income couples where the wife is a career woman and earns the same amount of money as her husband, but if the husband is the chief breadwinner, the family welfare (including children and pets) depends on him. Even from purely pragmatic considerations, it makes sense to defer to his opinions and tastes more than to that of a girlfriend or a neighbour lady.

It's probably the reason while feminists want every woman to have a career, so that she isn't dependent on her husband and doesn't have to please him as they seem to be allergic to an idea that women should do anything at all for men or even treat them halfway decent.

That brings me to another point, namely the error of some men who think that they can have a (full time) working wife and still be the head of the household. The law has pretty much done away with the power the husbands once held in marriage, so the only power that they still wield is economic, by being the provider. Once your wife isn't dependent on you any more, any marital submission on her part isn't much more than role-playing.

zaterdag 27 juni 2015

The Spirit Of Man

There must be something worth living for
There must be something worth trying for
Even some things worth dying for
And if one man can stand tall
There must be some hope for us all
Somewhere, somewhere in the spirit of man

donderdag 25 juni 2015

From The Home Front

Enough with negative things, here is something to make you smile: my kitty was helping me with doing housework last week. I have been pretty busy with my housecleaning project, with my knitting and with visiting.

The upstairs is done more or less, last week I tackled the living room as in washing the windows, pillow covers and such and all together trying to make the living area look presentable again. It was so much work I couldn't finish in all on Thursday, my designated cleaning day and was planning to continue this week, but due to all this visiting and the return of summer I got some sort of a burnout.

I'm planning to finish it next week, though and start working on the dining/kitchen before we go on vacation. I'm also planning to finish the summer cardi I have been knitting this past year and hopefully sew a skirt. I'll try to make another historical research post before we leave.

maandag 22 juni 2015

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