Friday, February 17, 2017

In Defence Of Women

God knows, there is probably little to defend in modern women. They dress, look and behave unfeminine, they are often domineering and aggressive, they despise homemaking, they are attention wh*oring on social media, they have too many partners before they decide to settle down somewhere at the age of 37, they often aren't even good mothers etc etc and still...

Still, the shrill internet voices accusing women of these and other sins often sound just as hysterical as feminists seeing patriarchy everywhere. Do these folks really think that women just woke up one day in the 1960s, decided to burn their bras and won a revolution without firing a single shot? If you really believe it, you are extremely naive, to say the least.

That it had nothing to do with the banks, big businesses, media manipulating public opinions and the governments all over the world pushing for more equality? Take single mothers, for instance. They are often meninists' scapegoats. They apparently give in to their Female Imperative having s*x with "alphas" (more likely some unemployed loser but any guy who has s*x with women is alpha in their eyes) and then after the child is born, the father disappears and the government comes with a paycheck, due to the same Female Imperative which runs the government, too.

Of course, the real story is that there always used to be a stigma against illegitimacy, that's why "bastard" is so terribly offensive, yet after UN was created, the members signed a declaration calling to erase all the difference between children born in- and outside wedlock. "Women" didn't march in the streets demanding it. Since many women still aren't interested in politics, the majority probably didn't even know about it. I only found out because while researching something, I stumbled upon this information. It was progressives behind it, not some nebulous FI.

Just like feminists have their own creation myths, so do their male counterparts. Actually, it's even more simple. Feminists came up with a caricature of the traditional Western societies, where women had less rights than slaves, and these guys took it to heart and said that it was good and proper.

No, women in Western Europe didn't usually marry at 18. Some did, others didn't, that's why an average marriage age for women in England used to be 26, not 16. No, your uterus doesn't fall out after you turn 30. Yes, obesity makes women unattractive, but it does the same to men, too. No, divorce isn't always the woman's fault. I could go on, but you get the picture.

Finally, if you are any form of a Christian, to constantly harp on people's "market value" whether sexual or not, is just, well, not comme il faut. It's an incredibly nihilistic way of looking upon society. It makes you no different from progressives with their worship of economy and reducing human beings to global consumers. There is more to human beings than just being economic units and there is more to the relationship between the sexes than shallow materialism.


  1. I completely agree. It is Christian marriage which is the ideal. Both the man and the woman have great privileges as well as responsibilities in this relationship and without the example of Christ and the church it all falls apart.

  2. Mrs. WMC, I sometimes think Christianity was like immune system protecting the society. Once our elites stopped taking it seriously, things quickly went from bad to worse.

  3. Companies that formerly paid men enough to support an entire family were the biggest winners when women stayed working after WWII, because eventually, the market adjusted and with inflation, etc., eventually the corporations were able to pay everyone effectively less, for the same work.

    Governments got more tax revenues, both income tax revenues and sales tax revenues (due to women having more disposable income).

    So big business and big government were the biggest winners. No wonder they promoted feminism; it suited their interest...

    'Follow the money', as they say...

  4. Agree about big businesses, however I'm not sure it was a win for the government, at least not in Europe, where most women work in the government-subsidised industries. They cost more than they bring in taxes + we have government-sponsored daycare, early free preschool etc etc. It's purely ideological at this point.

  5. The banks sure do win, though. It's a bit like with (illegal) immigrant labour, privatise the profits while socialising the costs.