Sunday, February 12, 2017

Feminism As A Weapon Of The Elites

French presidential hopeful Francois Fillon and his British-born wife Penelope will be indicted for fraud this week and could be sent for criminal trial immediately.
The 62-year-olds are currently under investigation for a range of charges including embezzlement after helping themselves to hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of taxpayers’ cash by setting up a series of allegedly fake jobs.
Mrs Fillon, a solicitor’s daughter from Wales, has been ‘fighting tooth and nail’ to prove she was secretly a high-powered parliamentary attaché and literary consultant for decades.
But she has provided zero ‘material proof’ to financial prosecutors, who will indict the couple this week, according to leaks from the enquiry published today by the Journal du Dimanche newspaper.

(Read the whole article over here )

One of the reasons some European countries used to prohibit married women from working was to avoid the situations like the one above. While lower class women are supposed to enjoy working some mundane, low-paid job, the elites' own wives get paid hundreds of thousands for doing nothing. Literally.


  1. I guess I hit, "anonymous" when I meant to preview my comment. I don't speak German, so it's all a guess. (I'm guessing it's German?) Anyway, I wanted to say that when I was a young married wife, I noticed that the women my age that left their husbands had enough income on their own to do so. I knew that if I had had enough, I would have likely left my husband, too, even though I knew it was because of little things. We have overcome a lot, and I'm glad I stayed.

  2. Sharon, it must be Dutch.

    Yes, it's true, another reason feminists promote full employment and equal pay for women is to make them financially independent so that they don't need a man. On the other hand, they support easy no-fault divorce so that a housewife is never sure of her future. They also attack widow pensions, and the fact that the husband can put his wife on his medical insurance. They are anti-family for common folks, at least.

  3. Funny; they were touting Fillion as a trad-Catholic. He doesn't seem like much of a Christian, in his and his wife's character; must be just for show - and to counter the effect of Le Pen's niece, who truly is a trad-Catholic...

  4. French elite appears to be very corrupted from what I read. Probably they wanted him out of the way so someone made the story public. My husband once watched a TV program (or maybe he read it somewhere, I forget) how it was normal in high EU circles to give lucrative jobs to the officials' wives which were hardly more than sinecures. The same EU demands in its directives that European governments do everything to send more women into the workforce.