Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Oliebol And Happy New Year

Oliebol is a traditional Dutch food which we eat on the New Year's Eve. According to Wikipedia, oliebollen were traditionally eaten by Germanic tribes during Yule time, to appease the goddess Perchta which was believed to wander about during mid-winter festivities (she had a nice habit of cutting open the bellies of those who displeased her, especially of girls who idled around instead of spinning). Because oliebollen contain so much fat, they were supposed to make her sword slide off the person's body.

This was long ago, and most folks have forgotten all about Perchta, but we still eat oliebollen every New Year! Oliebollen are simply dumplings baked in a deep fryer. Some people make them themselves, I always buy them, together with appelbeignets, another traditional food (containing, as you may have guessed it, apples). I did bake sausage rolls, though, since they are so expensive in the supermarket and really easy to make.

If you want to know more about oliebollen, you can read this Wiki article. It's going to be the last post of 2014, so I'll take the opportunity and wish all my readers and their loved ones



  1. Mmm, love oliebollen! Haven't had any in a few years; it's been too long.

    Hope you enjoyed New Year's Day!

    Cheers! :)

  2. I actually don't like them so much because there is so much fat:) However, I will admit they go nicely with champagne. We've had a nice time, thanks, hope you did, too!

  3. I did have one ollieboll - what would New Year's Day or New Year's eve be without them?