donderdag 18 december 2014

Christmas in Maastricht

It's not Germany, but still...

The market:

Inside the shopping mall:

Street decoration:

Everyone's favourite elf:

It's not London's Eye. but still:

From a different angle:

Getting dark:

Nostalgic merry-go-round:

People having fun:

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  1. Nice! I spent one night there a fewyears ago!

  2. Really? Did you come as a tourist or for work purposes? It is a nice city!

  3. I came in as a tourist! I visited quite a few countries that summer!

  4. Dear Sanne,
    What lovely photos.. We just returned from the Prague Christmas markets and had such a special time there. It really put us in the mood for Christmas.

    Please allow me to take this opportunity to wish you and your husband a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


  5. Thanks, Christine!

    Last year we went to Oberhausen, Germany and the market was much bigger, and there were also more people. I posted pictures on my blog. however, I still liked it in Maastricht because the city itself was very beautifully decorated.


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