Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Sweden Has A Competitor

Female police officers in UK will soon get access to crying rooms. Yes, you've read it right:

A POLICE force is opening up "crying rooms" for female officers going through the menopause.

Because women are equal to men in everything! And should be able to get equal pay for equal wo...Oh wait:

The plans have been introduced after former Chief Constable Sue Fish, who retired last year, discovered women were leaving the force after suffering menopausal symptoms.
She said: "It was just a waste of talent. Bringing in a policy was absolutely the right thing to do."

It adds: "Women going through the menopause may need to manage the impact of symptoms, a private space to rest temporarily, cry or talk with a colleague before they can return to their workspace."

I personally think they also should be provided with fainting couches.

Frontline officers may also be permitted to dispense with body armour if it proves uncomfortable.

When you have to choose between work safety and feels, always go for feels! Also body armour is obviously malecentric and women don't need it anyway. Their sheer awesomeness will protect them.

You can read more about new British Victorian police force over here.


  1. Fainting couches. *grin*.

    Maybe this could be seen as a positive news? People are starting to realize that women are not like men? Maybe we will reach a point where they realize that women are not supposed to work like men at all?

    BTW, I have no respect for female police officers. They just don't have that "aura" that policeMEN should have. The capability to calm people down with your mere presence, with your authority.

    I don't know about other women but for me, it feels natural to seek men if I am in any kind of trouble. I cannot imagine a situation where I would seek other women to help me!

  2. Housewife, it's like we've gone a full circle now, From Victorian fainting couches to strong and independent to crying rooms:)

    As for female officers, the police were using women from the beginning, for the purpose of dealing with other women (body searches, this type of stuff), later for dealing with children and desk jobs. I don't even think they got female detectives until the 1970s. It's just that in those times everybody understood that men and women are fundamentally different and their function withing the police force was different, too. I know that in medical schools, they used to reserve 10% of the places for women, but no more than that since women tended to be less motivated and easily drop out. Now, if we applied this to the police, some quotas for female officers to deal with women and small kids, and heavy lifting done by men, it wouldn't be half as bad as pretend equality we have now.

  3. Yes, of course I totally understand that women are needed for body searches and such. But I mean when you see actual police patrol with guns and stuff and there is some violence going on... I would rather see two men than man and a woman.

  4. Oh yes, I agree! There was a funny compilation on YouTube about female police officers dealing with this very issue.