Saturday, January 13, 2018

Dear Mother, Your Child Doesn't Care About Your Rights

I found this interesting article on HubPages. In it, a young mother explains her choice to stay home with her child(ren). It's a lengthy article which is best read in its total, yet I wanted to highlight some parts. The author has really great insights in the whole career mommy debate. She points out that even though the perception of the mother's role has changed in the eyes of society, her children's needs haven't:

Not all things are fair. A mother is not the same as a father in the children's eyes. There is meant to be a different connection there that begins in the womb for the child. They know nothing about feminism or hidden political agendas to their benefit. they have simple desires and needs. Most include their mothers time and attention. They don't care about mommy having the right to work, they just know mommy goes to work and leaves them. If it is hard for many empty nesters to let their kids go at18 think about how hard it is for a child to let their parent go to work. We can have a child and go back to work to resume the life we led before kids. It is a right. But can somebody inform the kids that society has changed in the last 50+ years so in turn a child must change their needs as well? Even though women's wants and needs changed throughout these progressive years, children still have the same needs and wants.

Another issue she raises is whether very small children are traumatised by daycare setting. The lady  herself went back to work after her daughter turned 10 weeks but quit when the child turned 6 mos. Yet, a very strange thing happened many moths later:

I'll never forget it when my daughter was 3 yrs old, she told me out of the blue she didn't like going to daycare and began crying as if it was something recent, saying she missed me when she was there. Let me remind you, she was 6 months old when I took her out of daycare.

The comments are also worth reading, and some ladies were pointing out that very young children can't even complain if anyone hurt them during the day away from home. It's really encouraging that younger generations are discovering the joys of traditional motherhood. 

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