Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Blue Collar Men + White Collar Women

A match made in Heaven? A new interesting video from the Quaint Housewife blog:


  1. I agree to a degree. I think it is good that if man is not blue collar, he at least has some masculine hobbies or something. My hubby is white collar (so was I) but I find him most attractive when he is lumberjacking at our summer cottage... Or hunting.

    This is also the old should women marry up or down -question. I married down, a little bit (my husband's background is blue collar and mine very middle-class), and it is actually good thing, at least when your husband ends up "higher" than his family. Because then he feels that he has reached something, that marrying you was an achievement for him, and also he may feel that marrying you helped him achieve his current position.

  2. Yes, I remember your theory about "marrying down". A white collar man doesn't have to be a wimp, of course; but unfortunately many of these manager types are, plus they are politically correct to boot and often feminist.

    Another problem is that there are more women getting higher education than men, and said women then look down at some plumber or welder; though he often will have his own business and earn more than some office type.