Tuesday, March 14, 2023

The Face Of Female Entitlement

 Delusion is strong with this one:


42 years old. Makes a long list of demands. Not a word of what she herself brings to the table. It's a wonder she's still single:))) 

H/t Ramzpaul


  1. I can't read anything from the pic, but yeah, she might as well get a cat or a dog and be happy with that.

    Better Bachelor, Taylor the Fiend, and Aaron Clarey always have some fun material on this issue with women's demands. Nothing wrong with some likes and dislikes since we all have them. For me it's obesity though I'm not expecting anyone to run a marathon with me. I also won't tolerate a libtard female.

  2. I copied the picture from Twitter, and by some reason you can't click on it and get it enlarged anymore. Basically, she made a point system where a man is awarded points for things like "having no kids of his own", "wants to have children in the future" etc. Apparently, she's planning to rate available candidates according to this point system:)

    I wonder how she would react if men did the same to her? Also, "wants to have children in the future". She's lucky if she gets one at this age, it's not as easy as it seems!

  3. Based on the pic above, she does have a youthful facial appearance and while average she is probably average attractive. Too bad she has some ridiculous ideas that hamper her from finding anyone.

  4. She probably could find a nice divorced man but it's evidently not what she wants:) I doubt there will be wealthy eligible bachelors waiting in the line though.